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  1. I mean put access signs on the chest so only certain people can access certain chests
  2. I knew it! You thought it was me! you thought it was me Wait till zulu sees this! I was right you don't trust me!
  3. i already told zulu that i thought it was you... and Terr i like your idea ill tell zulu thanks :)
  4. Oh and I was looking in those chests because I work there and I was running it. And I wanted to see if the stuff were in the chest If i was the only 1 there and the light was on and i had flags...Why wouldn't zulu trust me.
  5. well maby your a trader or somthing idk for sure it was you but im pertty sure. After you looked in the chest the Diamond ore was in i looked in it after you and it wasent in there so it must be you that stole the 18 or 19 diamond ore it must be you i think....
  6. acutally access signs will be part of the new policy.
    you will need a very good reason to get container. shops and such can be run without them.
    also with the new egg things I will have rethink the use signs too. so all doors, buttons and such
    will probably have access-signs soon.
  7. please stop the fighting. unless some mod has a log of who took it we will never find out.
    I am willing to move on. let's work on the new rules to prevent something like this happens again.
    this mistrust among the group is exactly the thing I try to avoid.
  8. zulu do u still trust me.... Beacuse i swear to God that it was not me breaking it and i would never do that to you. I will always watch your res whenever im on. Plus zulu i really think uril155 did it start a converstaoin with me and ill tell you what happen:)
  9. yes please lets move on
  10. as I stated before this is not about personal trust. If i did not trust you I would have told.
    but we still got a bad person in the group that had flags before. I just want to move on and try
    a new policy. so I had to reset the flags.
    so just state which flags you need and which tasks / projects you work on. as this threas is pretty full I will
    probably copy / paste them to another one so everyone can see the staff. I hope when everyone knows
    what the others are doing there will be less mistrust and less stealing etc.
  11. zulu do i still have full flags or do u not trust me anymore you were the first person that u trusted or maby there was another:(
  12. again. this is not about trust but the farm will use more fine grained security measures. this means you need to tell me and the others what you do there and which flags you need. also (soon to come) which chests you need access to.
    I do not want to restrict the awesome work too much so trust me that you will get the flags and access you need.
  13. ok and zulu would you like another res on smp3 or another server beacuse i can give you one of the res beaucse i can get 3 res and you will get full permissoins or somthing so u can make it big and stuff i would happliy do that give that to you plus when im always on smp3 ill always watch ur res and stuff
  14. thanks. that is a really nice offer but I am busy enough managing my res on smp3 and my stuff in the wild. If I ever get bored I will come back to that, ok? ;)
  15. well the res is going to be on smp3 2morrow im going to claim a res and give u all and all the flags so its mostly gonna be your res and im happy to do that so you can expand ur stuff :)
  16. so give me a res number on smp3 and i will claim it im going to look on the live map of smp3.
  17. This is it calling a mod now...
  18. Im not reading this anymore... You are trying to make me look bad shutup133
  19. i never sad that uriel now lets move on
  20. UPDATE

    I thought of some ideas to prevent stealing or griefing while keeping the community and openness of the res.
    Tell me what you think.
    • Very limited use of +build.
      • Build perms only while I am online and have time to check from time to time.
      • Exceptions for bigger projects might be possible but then only one staff member at a time will get it. So there will never be more than me + 1 other who has build when I am not online.
    • Access signs instead of +container.
      • If +container is needed to refill shops (I hope it does not) I might give +container for people who have been running a good shop for some time.
    • Limited +use. More access signs for buttons and doors instead.
      • This will prevent people snooping around my private areas (or other's private areas / unfinished projects etc).
    This will mean some areas might be redesigned a bit to make it work with the sign-concept and I will have to
    do a lot of flag-adding and removing.