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    I thought of some ideas to prevent stealing or griefing while keeping the community and openness of the res.
    Tell me what you think.

    • Very limited use of +build.
      • Build perms only while I am online and have time to check from time to time.
      • Exceptions for bigger projects might be possible but then only one staff member at a time will get it. So there will never be more than me + 1 other who has build when I am not online.
    • Access signs instead of +container.
      • If +container is needed to refill shops (I hope it does not) I might give +container for people who have been running a good shop for some time.
    • Limited +use. More access signs for buttons and doors instead.
      • This will prevent people snooping around my private areas (or other's private areas / unfinished projects etc).
    This will mean some areas might be redesigned a bit to make it work with the sign-concept and I will have to
    do a lot of flag-adding and removing.



    This thread should serve as a tool for all the great people who work on "my" res (6996 on smp3).
    It started out as a simple farm but with the help of so many people it grew and grew. There are now
    quite a few people working on projects there and stuff is getting added almost all the time.
    This thread is mostly meant for those who have projects on my res to stay up to date and discuss things. The more people working there the more difficult it is for me to coordinate things. So a little planning ahead can't hurt ;)

    Hot topic: Sort the shops. Many people are having shops here and things start getting cluttered. Proposals for a good way to sort them welcome.
  2. By type of item, check out my store 1080 smp1 for an example. I have a floor for each category i. e. plants/food, potions, nether items, building blocks, wool floors and i have to say it works very well for me
  3. Ok zulu this is nice will just meet u in the server
  4. It will probably never be that neat and sorted which is fine. I like the place a bit random. I nevertheless felt a need to create this as a way the people work together can leave messages the others can see given that rarely everyone is online at the same time.
  5. I made a suggestion to build a restaurant downstairs by the slot machine and bar. we can have a few tables and seats and sell food items there :)
  6. OK. Whoever stole beamer91's diamonds from the staff chest:
    Just return them and no questions will be asked. Those were meant to
    build tools and stuff for the community lot.
    Please return them or we will have to ask the mods to help track a thief down and we do not want to do that.
  7. Hey zulu i checked the staff chest and the diamonds are back! :D
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  8. that is good news!
  9. which staff chest and how many diamonds were in it?

    beamer confirmed the diamonds are back :)

    so now we can move on to more building
  10. the restaurant is almost finished. also the portal room is half way done I think.
    any staff members that want a portal pls let me know.
    also: how to make portals for really long nicks that won't fit in the first line of a sign?
  11. Hey Zulu do i count as working at your res or am I just a friend?
  12. got the portals going.
    new staff policy:
    when there is nobody on to operate a game the signs to buy the bets get removed.
    pls place your signs when you open a game or thing and remove them when you leave.
  13. uriel: I do not really make a difference. people working on my lot are not my
    employees. we are building the place together. so to answer the question: I guess both :)
  14. *sigh*
    seems we have another case of theft here. :(
    klove11 is missing 4 golden pickaxes from his shop on the store. they are gone but he never got the money.
    whoever took them, please return them or pay klove11.
    if there is growing mistrust on the res the experiment will have to change=
    really strict container right. I do not want to do that.
  15. Ok someone who I think it is, is Teammonkey unless you took away his flag
  16. teammonkey has no flags on the res. not even move anymore. he followed me and annoyed me, also changed signs etc. I kicked him off some days ago so can't be him
  17. Hmmmmm, urghhhh, ummmmmmmm, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, lets see.....
  18. I agree that the shops are a little too scattered, but there's not much that can be done to sort them now. What I think is possible is to extended the platform of the old spawn over the animals up to the leaves wall and make that the full shop. We can discuss that further. Also, I had some ideas for the pawn shop. The place looks great so far, but on thing that needs to be worked on is the flow. I think we can rework the stairs and stuff.

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  19. Well I think we should maybe just make it bigger and maybe more noticable because no sign shows you where it is and I don't Think there is a path as I remember And also we should start adding the stuff to the chests.
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