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  1. Actually i destoyed my own art :confused: Cause i made the lava thigy. Sorry For that

  2. I think we should start changing torches to Street Lanterns/Glowstone and trapdoors/ i think it will look really nice with that lanterns
  3. yeah. at places where is is enough room for it I would like some glowstone / street lanters
  4. all damages from the fire repaired
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  5. News:
    * Treehouse almost finished. Water slide all glass now
    * Archery will stay as it is for the moment because:
    * New base in the wild started. Staff people and friends pls ask me for the location
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  6. hey zulu I haven't seen it yet but could I work on it;). Cause from what it's described like it sounds awsome:).
  7. We got a problem!
    I miss 19 diamond ores from the pawnshop. This is a lot!
    Also some of the redstone stuff like the door and bathroom got griefed. Seems the person who did this just took them
    apart to see how they work and left them like this. Whoever did this seems to know what he is after.
    I will wait some days for the person to come clean. If this does not work I will reset all the flags and require people
    to apply here. I really don't like to do this esp. seeing how well everything went so far and what awesome stuff you guys created.
  8. i think i now who might of done it zulu make a convertsatoin with me and ill tell you.
  9. I actually do not want anyone to suspect or denounce anyone else. The person who did it has to
    return the stuff or I will have to redo the flags from scratch. To make this thing work it is essential that everybody on the lot can trust everybody else.
  10. Ok that is it. Looks like there was another fire and/ or griefing. Some of my shops and parts of the coaster including
    the wool tunnel have been destroyed. This is really not cool so I will go for stricter rules from now on.

    I retested all flags.
    To get them back you will have to reply here with the following information:

    Which flags do you need?
    Which projects have you done so far and on which parts do you plan to work on?

    I won't give any flags (esp container) without a good reason.
  11. PS:
    This is not meant as a punishment for the group. You guys have been awesome. But we got at least one bad person in the group. The new rules should allow the group to identify the bad ones more easily. When everyone knows what flags are set and who is working on what it is easier to spot people that seem to do malicious things. We can also use this as an opportunity to get to know each other better and work together on new projects or improving stuff.
  12. ok thanks for telling us:)
  13. This is not right ill do anything but ill get that guy out, Ill call an admin to revise this case.
  14. same with me.
  15. REPOST as a reminder. Please all staff members post this for the group to know.
  16. ... I'm still mad zulu
  17. why are you mad uriel155 i think you were the one that stole the 18 Diamond ore i saw you going throught the chests so its probly u....
  18. I have one thing to say, ACCESS SIGNS
  19. what do you mean????