Ze EMC Quidditch team

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Will you join?

No what is quidditch? :3 14 vote(s) 42.4%
YIS! YIS GET YO QUIDDITCH ON! >:D 19 vote(s) 57.6%
  1. Hey guys....

    Today I am here to form the EMC quidditch team.... 0 Positions are open so if you want to join you can't anymore make a team for your server haha.

    Chaser 1 - Lilyrox55
    Chaser 2 - karatekick2001
    Chaser 3 -shawnzee123
    Seeker - colepuncher
    Beater 1 - tuqueque
    Beater 2 - Maris1223
    Keeper - Becca12233
    EDIT: We can have teams for each server. Make sure to make an official thread etc.... this is my thread
    IMPORTANT EDIT: Everyone has to be on the team that is their home server. If you have a res on another server you can be on that team. For example: I am from smp6. BUT I have A res on smp5 so I will be on that team for real... xD
    Make sure to form other teams... We don't wanna play against eachother!

    Make sure to join!


    P.s join the suited animal movement!
  2. How do we play? O_O But I still want to join C:
    Chasers please :D
  3. Yis cole!! Dis good :p
  4. chaser... alright
  5. B-B-B-B-BUMP
  6. That is why i said it is "pointless" but I may find a way someday.
  7. better=beater! I'm in
  8. Alright. tuqueque is the 1st beater.
  9. So how do you plan on pulling this off?
  10. ...no idea... this was an idea and for fun
  11. ...but i have some ideas that i could make a res for it...but first will test on SP
  12. So the positions are really just a title in a thread? There's no real game being played?
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  13. yay thanks
  14. maybe because of tuqueque
  15. What is Quidditch
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  16. harrypotter.wikia.com
  17. I'm the uniform maker! :)
  18. I have an idea on how to make it work, if we start this up I'll tell you my plan :)
  19. thanks... but if tuqueque gets it right no need
  20. If you want you can try so we have 1+ option to choose from
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