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  1. What. the. hell. are. you. doing.

    So recently, Youtube got this great idea to put in a automatic flag system, that will flag pretty much any and all copyrighted material, even if its being used under the Fair Use act. What does this mean? Pretty much, any and all music, video games, tv clips, ANY thing that is possibly copyrighted, can be flagged under an AUTOMATIC system, even if the company that owns the material, didn't flag it. With this, lots of things can possibly be gone, such as Lets Plays, reviews, or anything that has to do with using copyrighted material, can be flagged, even if its being used according to the Fair Use act. This video by youtuber AngryJoe, who could very possibly lose his channel, and be left with nothing, as he left his job four years ago to make his living off Youtube. Lots of swearing in the video ahead.

    Some people on Reddt have predicted this just might kill Youtube, as a better site for reviewers, lets Players, or anyone who works with copyrighted material, can be made. (Some guys on Reddit are already doing this with a site they call Bitvid, or something like that.) Kind of like how Facebook replaced Myspace. That's all I wanted to say, just to let it be known.
  2. Google is killing YouTube.
  3. More like torturing it slowly to death.
  4. Google is a good company, but they don't know how to run a social networking site or a site like you tube... :/

    *waits for NerdCubed rage video*
  5. Goggle really isn't that good at this point. Their forcing us to bite into Google+, which NO ONE wants. (Well, some do, as they have accounts..) and now their outright destroying some peoples livelihoods. Going back to Reddit, some people fear that the larger channels that use Copyrighted material, such as Pewdiepie, might be left alone, as their such a big draw to Youtube, and flagging their videos would decrease the amount of $ they get.
  6. Brutally torturing it while also torturing viewers.

    Also, if this does keep happening, you might as well just expect a whole bunch of cat videos, or RWJ clones.
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  7. I like this guy. He is a very... interesting person.
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  8. I miss those bob army spams
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  9. Not upset with this.
  10. Cat videos, yes. RWJ clones, no, mostly as RWJ has gotten just a smudge stale at this point, and having a whole bunch of clones doing it, as they could no longer work with copyrighted material, would just be worse.
  11. Let's do this, we all get some guns and met in the front of google corp and start killing the people that are making us suffer :D.
  12. How about no..
  13. Pretty sure you've just been added to a government list of some sort.
  14. If Twitch were to get its game on, we wouldn't be suffering through anymore of this YouTube s**t.
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  15. What kind, because in my country the government is more like dictatorship.
  16. Sometimes I wonder if YouTube ever listens to their community...
  17. To give you guys an example if why this really does matter, let's look at game reviewers on YouTube.

    Most gamers decide what games they should buy from reviews, mostly Youtube reviews. You might say, "Well can't they read reviews on websites?" Well yes, but a lot of these sites have been known to take bribes, such as IGN, to give games a good review, which makes them untrustworthy. If this keeps happening, review channels such as The Angry Joe Show, (Guy in op video) Nerdcubed, Totalbiscuit, and anyone who reviews games, would be gone, and us gamers wouldn't have reliable reviews to go to.
  18. Like changing the layout EVERY FRICKIN MONTH
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  19. Expecting youtube to lose money. No more Minecraft vids?
    And no more feature videos on OBAMGaming. Less EMC. D:
  20. I wonder if Steam is secretly working on "Steamtube" to protect gamers and draw in money for itself