Your Worst Habit

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  1. In a short answer cracking your knuckles is not bad for your health. Here is why:

    The myth about the damage that cracking knuckles does came from the sound that it makes—people thought that when you make the cracking sound, you must be breaking something. That is not the case!
    At a joint, where two bones meet, there is a covering of articular cartilage. The bones are held together by other connective tissues like ligaments as well. The joint capsule surrounds the joint, containing the lubrication to help move the joint. This lubrication is called sinovial fluid, and it is made from dissolved oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
    To crack a knuckle, you first stretch the bones apart, creating extra space in the connective tissue capsule. The increased volume decreases the pressure, and the sinovial fluid expands. The pressure also releases the dissolved gasses rapidly, causing the cracks. Bubbles bursting in the sinovial fluid are called cavitation, and it happens when the gasses become less soluble in the fluid.
    After you crack your joints the first time, you won’t be able to do it again for the next 30 minutes while the gas dissolves back into the joint fluid. Try it out—30 minutes later, you will definitely be able to pop the same joints again. Releasing the pressure feels great, doesn't it? The only real problem or damage that cracking joints could cause comes from forceful cracking—so just do it when you feel the pressure building.
    Numerous studies have shown that cracking knuckles do not lead to arthritis, but there is a relationship between knuckle-cracking and hand swelling, loss of lower grip strength, ligament damage, soft tissue injuries and dislocation of tendons. This is really only the result of rapid, repeated stretching of ligaments, like what happens to major league pitchers. Risk is minimal for the rest of us, however.
    There is evidence that cracking does increase mobility in joints, though! When joints are cracked, the Golgi tendon organs (a group of nerve endings involved in human motion sense) get stimulated and relax nearby muscles. That is why you feel loose and invigorated after an adjustment in the chiropractor’s office!
  2. Thank you for letting me crack my knuckles again :)
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  3. Same, but I also crack my ankles, feet, knees, and shoulders. :oops:
  4. I forgot in my first post to say that I crack my bones and swear too much also. Pretty much all my bones crack themselves nowadays but I crack my knuckles and neck and wrists lol.
  5. From an ex-smoker, just do it. I know it doesn't seem so now, but once you quit you'll find yourself wondering how you ever thought this ^^^.
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  6. My worst habit is rationalizing every bad habit I have.
    I procrastinate = I work well under pressure. Hey I can crank out a 10 page paper in 24 hours!
    I talk waaay too much in social situations = I'm just super friendly, not hyper and loud at all! :p
    I crack every bone in my body = I was a dancer for years, it's just what you do!
    I like to drink = They say one glass of wine a day is GOOD for you, right? Let's try five, and see how much that helps!
    Etc. etc. etc. :)
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  7. Good philosophy! My wife is into wine, I'm not so much, but a good tequila will get me every time. :D
  8. i also eat too much salt :rolleyes:
  9. That's two of us. :oops:
  10. Wow, can't believe how many other people are OCD about their tool bar. Makes me feel less freaky. My worst habit...... sarcasm :rolleyes:
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  11. You know what i find funny about you smokers? You all say smoking are calming you down, but when i see a smoker with or without ciggarette they are nervous, stressed and shaking. When i was driving with a train everyday to school and back home, they were tons of kids waiting at the door with a cigarrette in their mount ready to be lighted as soon as they stepped down from the train, so they won't miss a second without a smoke, altought it took less then an hour to get back home. But when they're at home they can survive 15 hours without a smoke, because many of them can't smoke at home - parents don't even know they're smoking...
  12. Cracking things... Knuckles, Anckles, Neck, Knees, back... You name it! I really have to stop!
  13. Well I have a pretty bad thing or well,My sister says that its a good thing so:

    In swedish,The letter "R" is used pretty much and in a special way. The problem is that I Cant say it correctly. I can say "r" in English,German and Danish but not in Swedish. I have been working on it and I do see a "talk doctor"("logoped" in swedish) but its a pain in the ass in school.
    However,My sister believes this to be a good thing. When I went to kindergarten,I used to talk,Alot. So much that I lost my voice almost everyday. But when I went in the third grade, A guy started teasing me for it. So,From that moment. I stopped talking so much and only said things that I had taken a second to think about. This has helped me alot generally in life with people talking down on me and so on. Now I can say stuff where "r" isent the first letter like "never" and "three" and so on.

    The bad habit is not that I cant say "r". Its more that I talk alot when I can say it :)
  14. Heheh thats mine 2. :)
  15. I never drank coffee, and I never will :)
  16. I must stop bitting my nails <.<
  17. When I have my beats on my head I sing way to loud, my mum tells me to shut up so many times. I even sit there and they are right next to me yelling so I listen to them xD
  18. Being a better-knowing arrogant smart-butt who always knows better about everything..
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