Your Worst Habit

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  1. I don't know what you are asking.
  2. Don't you get arthritis?
  3. Not from Chiropracty (That's... probably not a word).
  4. i pic at my skin
  5. my worst habit - slacking around. there are so many things i want to do, but i never do them. anyone has a cure for this?
  6. My worst habit would probably be seeing the big reality of things and putting myself in a bad mood.
  7. Worst habit never talking in real life :p
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  8. Anotherr of my bad habits is talking TO MUCH:p
    • Biting my nails when I am nervous or anxious (have been pretty much non-existent for half of this year lol)
    • Minecraft wise, my inventory always has to be neat. If there is a pickaxe in the hot bar, I must have any other pickaxe related materials above it. (ie. Iron pickaxe, with another pickaxe, sticks and iron above it). lol
    • Procrastination. That is my worst. If I even slightly deter myself from doing something I will find something to distract myself with. Currently, on here and YouTube because I don't wanna get changed and go to the supermarket :p
  9. Minecraft wise, i NEVER bring water while mining, and never purposely bring sand/cobble either lest i walk all the way back to town and grt them
  10. I do this but mine goes Sword, Bow, pickaxe, axe, food in 9, 8 usually torches, the rest is whatever. I do make multiples and place them above the others in my inventory.
    I curse too much.
    As for all the stuff about bone cracking, I have to crack bones everywhere because if I don't I get so tense I can't move.
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  11. my invatory is a mess
    and if i crack my bones it herts
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  12. My worst habit is looking as EVERY SINGLE FRICKING THING IN LIFE with only 4 different options.

    1. The easy way
    2. The hard way
    3. Walk away
    4. Beat the crap out of it.
  13. You . . curse?

    The ladylike image I had of you is all gone to hell. :cool:
  14. I smoke too much. I could save $1040 a year if I quit.
    I don't finish projects. I remodel(ed?) My bathroom, It's 99% complete and I just won't finish it.
    I curse way too often. I'm to the point now that I don't even realize it. My job involves public speaking, which can be a disaster.

    I have improved on not drinking as much.
    I quit taking politics to heart. My general mood has improved.

    Drink coffee. Lots of coffee.
  15. You have to quit for that baby in the pic
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  16. My hotbar goes Bow sword pick axe shovel potion food blank water bucket. Then everything has to be stacked on one another perfectly. OCD-OCD xD
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  17. My water bucket has to be on the first slot with the pickaxe next to it at all times.
  18. LOL. I try not to curse too much in game but in real life I curse too much. It comes with the prior military hubby and most of his family xD
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