Your Worst Habit

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  1. I need to stop smoking, but its just such a calmign habit. What's YOUR worst habit?
  2. I love cracking my knuckles. I can do it 3 times for each finger.
  3. Cracking your knuckles is really bad for your health....
  4. In minecraft, i always put [Pickaxe][Sword][Axe][Shovel] first in my hotbar, if it is not there, i feel like putting them
  5. i crack my knuckles, i crack my back, my neck, even my toes. i have no freaking idea why.
    i chew on my nails when i'm upset or nervous, or sometimes when i'm just bored.
    i bite the inside of my cheek (at the moment i have the inside of my mouth bleeding because i just can't stop chewing on it) :( for the same reasons i chew on my nails.
    i swear ... a lot.
  6. Same here.
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  7. I've got kind of an issue with my neck & it pops really loud if I turn my head a certain way. I get migraines if it doesn't pop so I do it a lot. It annoys my wife and she's always telling me to knock it off. :)
  8. My hotbar goes <Sword> (one above it), <Pick> (two above it), <Iron Pick>, <Bow> (arrows above it) and that is how my first 4 spots have to be arranged. Then usually dirt in 7, food in 8 and torches in 9. :confused: I guess I'm kind of OCD with it. If I try to put things out of order it just confuses the heck out of me. :D
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  9. Congrats on stopping smoking. I did it, my brother has struggled with it for years. Best of luck to you! :D
  10. Its worse because I dont WATN to, I just know I NEED to haha.
  11. Me too, without the neck. :)
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  12. No, man, sword first. Then you can madly type the 1 key when in trouble and start slashing away. Well, and replace axe with a power bow.
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  13. I bite my nails all the time
  14. racking your bones is actually good for your health. As teh guy said above, it prevents his migraines. Seeing a chiropractor will help alot with headaches and aches and pain.
  15. me too
  16. My worst habit while playing minecraft is to go mining without a bucket of water.
  17. For me it goes [sharpness sword][eff pick][power bow][then your building stuff][food]
  18. Why dont we just use our mouse for tools? ...