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  1. There's always been a few things that everyone wishes they could have, why not share? Give an explanation on why you always have wanted to have this! Try to keep it at three items!

    My wish list:
    • One Euro- Living in the US, its complicated and our money is ugly. I've been in love with Euro's since i was a little kid! I hope to get every type of Euro out there. (As in every coin)
    • Soccer Jerseys- Once again.. us Americans are cut off from a lot of things that I enjoy.. lol
    • EMC Supportership- Parents wont let me get it.. and i love it here!
  2. 1. An eight string guitar, because it has eight strings.
    2. Something kind of personal that I would rather not state.
    3. A replica Batman suit that is custom fitted to my body. Because Batman.
  3. Hmmm.....
    1) Brony merchendise (Any kind)
    2) An iphone
    3) Friends
  4. Hm…
    •EMC supportership- I love EMC and I really want to help it continue. I have the money, I'm just not allowed to spend it on MC related stuff…
    •Mau5head- They're so cool. :D
    •A sonic screwdriver! It'd be really handy.
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    • A world with no crime.
    • A world with perfect economy.. (Or whatever)
    • A world with a lot of potatoes.
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  5. I came to this thread just to say that.

    • More pie
    • Not allergic to nuts
    • Nicer
    • No asthma
    • Better looking
  6. To be a famous youtuber
    To be recognized across servers on emc
    A Million Dollars:rolleyes:
  7. .Not to get bullied
    .No diabeties
    .A better computer (lol)
  8. We should start exchanging money, I want dollars! XD every different coin as well.

    But my wishlist is different.

    - live in Japan forever
    - have a cat farm where all kitteh live happy and safe
    - take my mom with me wherever I go so I don't have to miss her
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    • No discalculia.
    • Better emotions (My sadness emotions are too high for half the year, as are happiness levels, and i'm incapable of loving anyone anymore. Not after the past week ._.
    • An infinite supply of Monster Energy and Lucozade.
  9. 1. No freaking War
    2. People realizing that not ALL muslims are terrorist - Terror is against Islam, so doing terror is disbelief = The person is not a MUSLIM!

    Oh and yeah, I wanna die happy. That's my #1 wish, I want to die in happiness
  10. 1. NO BAD THINGS IN THE WORLD LIKE STATED ABOVE! we could definitely do without it!
    2. To one day be GOOD at something
    3. To be recognized for something :) anything .

    4. (extra) Something personal.
  11. Go to a bank. Suggestion: the one that handles your accounts, I say this because you will get the exchange for free. (Theres a fee for exchanging money). Tell them you want every type of Euro coin and viola! You got them.

    No hace falta que hagas eso. No se si aun vives en España o en otro país pero si vas a un banco te daran las monedas.... Creo que ya sabes esto, pero no se porque no lo as hecho, pero bueno. Sabia de dos bancos que hacian gratis sin que tu tuvieras que tener una cuenta con ellos, La Caixa y Santander Central Hispano. Eso era hace 8 años. Habran cambiado. No creo que conozcas La Caixa porque solo estan en Cataluña.
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  12. Some nice Rootbeer in the shops in Holland. They don't sell it here...
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  13. A world with a perfect economy would mean all demands of every person would be fulfilled.
    However, in this scenario, the subject of economics would become useless.
    This would leave economists unable to practice economics.
    Most economists like economics, therefore not all demands would be fulfilled.
    It's a paradox, a perfect economy is impossible.

    I live near the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. They use the Euro down south. I could easily take £3 down to the local bureau de change, get one of each Euro coin, and send it to you. Of course, I will require to be reimbursed for the £3 and postage fees, and I will want, say, a 10% fee. Other than that, it's a good deal to fulfil an item on your wishlist. :)

    Best place to do that is the forums. Be helpful, sharp and witty. :cool:

    Why not just better education? Surely that would be more valuable than an 'improved' appearance? :)

    My wishlist!
    • World federation.
    • Shared society and future for Northern Ireland.
    • De-ideologization of economic systems. There is no 'capitalism' or 'communism', there is just the market system and the planned system. If we make economic systems into ideologies and lobby for them like we would for football teams, that stifles rational economic thought. In reality, neither works on their own.
    • More money, obviously. To sensibly invest, of course.
    • Lava walls.
    • Success for the New Republic :)
    • Humility.
    • Patience.
    • Prominence.
    • The end of all war. Not just as some far-fetched ambition, I want governments to seriously consider abolishing their armies and putting the money into better foreign relations and integration.
    • Other stuff which I can't think of right now.
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  14. La Caixa es el primer banco en el que metí una nómina xD Es cierto que podríamos hacer eso, pero molaría más conseguir las monedas de una forma más... no sé, romántica por llamarlo de alguna manera :p Por medio de los bancos es muy frío y demasiado fácil, pero gracias por la sugerencia. En realidad me gustaría más viajar allí y traerme las monedas, es más bonito.

    EDIT: sorry about that, just thanking onaj for the suggestion and answering that I'd rather get the coins in a more romantic way lol
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  15. Ermm, *Wish list thingy I suppose*
    1) Pass all my exams this May/June (Including Welsh probably my hardest even though it's a foundation Paper, Also Maths foundation paper sitting higher next year.)
    2) Get a new computer (Will happen eventually, just not soon :()
    3) For North Korea to pipe down and to stop threatening to blow up everything that moves :p
  16. Just 1 thing, My mother alive.
  17. New idea, what if economy began perfect, and stayed perfect? Hmmmm!?!?
  18. My only wish: to be with the one I desire forever.
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