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  1. Everyone does random little things, and half the time you don't know why you do them. For example, here are some of my random habits...
    • Every time I go the bathroom, I check behind the shower curtain. No idea what I expect to find back there. :p
    • When I was young and small, I'd run up the stairs on all fours sometimes to go faster. #HumanSquirrel
    • If I'm in the kitchen, I can't eat until all open cabinets have been closed.
    • I randomly run my hands through my hair when ever I type, read, or just sit in general.
    • Other little things I don't even realize I'm doing half the time.

    What are your little habits? I'm just curious. :) To me, these little things that we can't help doing are some of the bits of human personality that I find most interesting. Some people say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I think that that random thing they do when they're bored is the window to the soul. So please, enlighten me. :)
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  2. Sometimes ill be thinking, and when I look at my minecraft screen my minecraft character is running around my residence. #autobot hands
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  3. 1. I always need to go to the kitchen of my house, don't know why.
    2. I can't stay in a certain room more than 30 min, I need to move.
    3. I always check EMC forums, always refresh the page.
    4. I always turn off the lights in my house.
    5. I can't sleep without a pillow over my head.
    6. I always eat raw meat. Mostly cow meat.
    7. I mostly wake up randomly at 3:00 am.
    8. I always hear the same song every morning. "The Virus of Life" of SlipKnot.
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  4. Oooh, you just made me think of some more. :D
    • Can't sleep without some sort of blanket or sheet on. Trust me, I've tried to go without one. It didn't work.
    • When ever I sleep, my back must be to the nearest wall so that I can view the largest portion of the room. Apparently I have a subconscious worry that I might be attacked from behind. :p
    • When I work on the computer or just do anything in general, I like to have my back to a wall so I can survey the whole room, similarly to above.
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    • I refresh the Empire Minecraft forums every time I look at them, even if it has only been 30 seconds in between looking at them.
    • I log on to Empire Minecraft every day, then wander away from my computer without remembering I even logged on.
    • I spell check everything in front of me, even if I'm the person who wrote what I'm looking at.
    • When people talk with improper grammar, I just blurt out the proper grammar, some times with out even thinking or knowing I shouted it.
    • I often start up Spiral Knights just because I saw the icon, not because I wanted to play it.
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  5. :eek:
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  6. You know, raw meat can have living tapeworm eggs in it.
  7. Don't you dare make me recall those bad pictures about tapeworms. *shudders*

    I always, UNLESS it just makes my experince worse, puts my game on the right monitor, and all of my windows on the left.

    I'll edit this post if I find more..
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  8. You know that mostly South American meat are not made in feat lots. I just eat raw meat from my ranch. One of the best meats in Py :D. Also raw meat has more protein than normal meat :D.
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  9. Also I drink 1 anti parasite medicine every month to kill those worms that 95% of humans in the world have in their intestines :D.
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  10. I always open the fridge when I get home from work to see if any one ordered pizza
  11. I have basically the same thing as you.
    If it's the summer and there's a fan blowing nice air on me, I may be able to sleep without any sheets.
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  12. When I am watching scary movies or gory movies, I check behind me and around where I am to make sure nobody is there to come at me like they are in the films... or in general :confused:

    When I watch movies with lots of fast car scenes, I get really into it and sometimes my legs start moving to indicate the pedals in the car, I am not sure if that is a habit but tonight I watched 'Hostel' and 'Need For Speed', therefore I kind of picked up on those in the last few hours and posted them here :rolleyes:
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  13. Cool! I was just about to start a thread like this! Here's mine (I'm weird):
    • I always dash my dates, never slash 5-23-2014 I also do the whole date, not just 14.
    • I can never do homework with even the slightest arch in my back, I must be perfectly straight or I will drive myself crazy.
    • I need everything perfectly even and symmetrical. For example, if I have a great lock on the front door and a bad lock on the back door and I can't afford another great lock, I will get rid of the great lock and make them both bad locks.
    • I feel like a pie is not a pie if if it is any other shape than a classic circular pie.
    • On some days if you show me a piece of cheddar cheese and ask me what color it is, I'll say it's orange. On another day if you show me the same piece of cheese I'll say it's yellow.
    • I absolutely hate cities. I can't stand being in a crowded city for more than an hour.
    • I talk quietly, and hate it when people talk loudly or I guess since to me everyone talks loudly I hate it when people talk normally.
    • I've played minecraft for about 3 years and I haven't joined a PvP server until last week.
    • I hate the sound of plates crashing/rubbing together.
    • I am slightly allergic to pineapple but it tastes so good I eat it anyway.
    • Until I was 7 years old, I really did think the moon was made of cheese.
    • I still like Tom and Jerry. You can't beat the classics.
    • I was to afraid to watch star wars until I was 11 years old.
    • I hate riding in the car. It doesn't freak me out like why most people hate the car I just hate it for some reason.
    • I have created and deleted at least 100 minecraft SP worlds. Once I make a mistake I feel like I need a new world. I also go on you tube to find seeds with giant villages and such but I feel like a cheater immediately after I find the structure and delete it.
    • I constantly have at least 3 creative worlds that have the same purpose for testing things. But sometimes I feel like doing them in super flat, default or super flat with the preset default.
    • I absolutely hate sushi and can't stand the smell of it. I absolutely hate tea and and can't stand the smell of it (especially green tea).
    • I have had Skype for a year and have never used it. I have had a you tube account for a year and never even used it.
    • I made my signature and avatar in computers class.
    • I watch the Superbowl only for the commercials, I hate watching and playing all sports.
    • I order chicken every time I'm at a restaraunt that has it, except on very special occasions then I get Fillet Mignon.
  14. That much blood left in the meat gives you gout I think.. And that's the leading cause in the death of T-rex's no joke. :/
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  15. I always shake knee up and down without noticing. I can never sit still
    Bedtime and midnight snacks are a must.
    Popping the clutch out of corners
    If you ride motorbikes you'll understand that last one ^^^
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  16. Might as well add mine...
    -I check the toilet bowl before going to the bathroom ( for snakes and magic school buses).
    -I check giant laundry piles for scorpions or will have to wear gloves when handling.
    -When alone at night, I turn on all inside and outside lights because I don't like shadows.
  17. Seems like you're a very paranoid person.
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  18. Actually just had a few bad experiences.
    -Had a snake in the toilet at a young age. Also watched an episode of magic school bus that I never could get out f my head.
    -Found a scorpion in my mom's laundry. Granted she is in the country, it still freaked me out.
    -During my parents' divorce, the parent that left once showed up on the porch in the middle of the night and just stared in the window. I got those shivers that make your whole body shake....It was nerve-wrecking.