Your memories of Pokémon?

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  1. It's exactly 20 years since the first Pokémon games were released. So if you played the games or the card game or whatever you played what was your best memories about your adventure in the world of Pokémon? My memory was that first time I took down the champion using only my Empoleon in Pokémon diamond, which was my first Pokémon game.
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  3. I've played Platinum for around 4 hours over the past 8 years.

    Never did get the whole JRPG thing. I don't like them. Especially with random encounters every 2 steps with a boring fight system.

    I do applaud the games on the amount of time they've gone on for though. Not many make it to this point without ending, being cancelled, or being ruined by someone like EA.
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  4. I used to be a huge collector of the cards when I was younger. I actually bought a pack the other day just for old times sake and got a break card which looks awesome.
  5. I remember playing Omega Ruby a while ago. I got stuck on the champ and I was wanting to grind but didn't have time.
  6. Played at least one in each generation, starting with Blue. I would say that the memory that stands out is my hardcore run.

    Hardcore is if a pokemon faints, it's 'dead', and you release it to the wild as soon as you get to a pokemon center. No revives, no PokeCenter heals, nothing.

    I was fighting someone in the seventh gym, and they KOed my starter with a super effective critical from full health in one shot. I lost some interest after that.
  7. I've finished Pokemon soulsilver and heartgold. After that, I lost intrest, due to something called... Minecraft (IKR, mind-blown! :eek:) I also had (and still have somewhere in my room) 2,000 something cards (many are duplicates though.)
  8. My fav Pokemon memory was standing at the top of mount silver for my fav battle in the series
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  9. The best times in Pokemon for me is always when you're at the peak, or the climax. For example, in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby after you've beat the champion and all, you have to battle the dragon girl (sorry I forgot her name xD), and in Pokemon Black and White you have to battle N. It's the things after the champion that I always feel like doing over and savoring the moments :p
  10. These all seem like great memories for the Pokémon series I can tell you that those games did a lot in kid's childhoods.
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  11. zinnia
  12. I played a Pokémon game at the neighbour's once. I also once got a pack of cards from the trading card game from the mother of my best friend once, and tried to keep them secret from my parents by glueing paper over the logos. In the end, it turned out my friend's mother had actually told my mother >.<
    Three of my friends play Pokémon now.
    I think my favourite generation would be 2. For graphics, definitely 3, though.
    My favourite games are the GBA Mystery Dungeon games. Poképark are pretty cool too, and Snap was interesting and cool, but I'm not looking to get it. I think it's a shame there's only one video game of the TCG.
    I might buy a Pokémon game once I'm an adult.
    I don't have the TCG cards anymore, I should have some of the trading cards that came before it, but I haven't been able to find them for over five years, so I don't have much hope for that left.
  13. Ah pokemon, the pinnacle of my Childhood. It all started when I was 5 or 6, and got platinum version. Many good memories were had, Losing to gym leaders for a few times in a row using just my overleveled starter. However, many of my best memories come from the Nuzlocke Challenge. It has 3 rules, if a Pokemon Faints, it is considered dead and must be released or Perma-boxed, you can only catch your first encounter per area, and you must Nickname all your pokemon. My first Locke was of Black Version. I sadly lost at Ghetsis (Scrafty's High Jump Kick missed and that Hydreigon proceeded to wipe my team) but many memories were made. It also made me love many pokemon of 5th gen, which I previously disliked (Stoutland, Sawk, Pignite, and Unfezant to name a few).

    I have made it a challenge to myself to Nuzlocke every main series game (sans the other paired version I dont do), So far I have done XY, ORaS, and BW, doing BW2 at the moment, and will probably do RBY sometime sooj, since they release on the Virtual Console today
  14. My favorite memory of Pokemon.. is playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Explorers of Darkness will forever be my favorite, with Blue Rescue Team coming in close second. Seriously, if you haven't played the PMD series, Play. It. Now.
    It has an amazing storyline, awesome gameplay, and the best music I've ever heard. 10/10 better then main series.
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  15. I started out playing Pokemon Emerald, when I was quite young. I actually put over 200 hours into the game, starting out with mudkip(naming it after myself as I am that type of person) and yea. I exploited the duplication glitch a ton, those were the good days. I only need a latias to have a full pokedex :/ But my link cable broke so that will never happen. I miss those days. My close second I played was Pokemon XD for the GameCube. That was a fun game, I chose to evolve eevee into an umbreon.

    Will never forget this song.
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  16. Hmm thinks back I guess playing red on my gray brick and battling my friends after school. That's about it got into sports shorty after that .. :p
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  17. It's so cheap, though!
  18. I've had a lot of Pokemon games, cards, posters and more! My first game have to be Blue and Red. My cousins who got tired of pokemon gave me and my brother their Gameboy and Pokemon Blue and Red. At that time I wasn't that interested in Pokemon...yet.
    Some months later they gave me and my brother all of their Pokemon cards. They said "Okay, you can either choose a lot of pokemon cards that aren't that good or some EX cards but few bad cards. I, who were stupid wanted A LOT of cards, so I only got one EX, that EX was a Team Rocket Suicune EX. That card looked pretty damn good so I became interested in Pokemon.

    Since then I have bought atleast one game from each generation and collected A LOT of cards, still have all of my games and cards and play when a new game comes out. Sometimes I even go buy a booster pack of cards just to check what's new.

    One Question for you all who read all this, What's your favorite Pokemon?
    Mine are Rayquaza, Shiftry and Suicune:)