Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Reflection

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    Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Reflection

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    I have been a long-time player of the main Pokemon series for years, but like any history my interest in it had to start somewhere. And to begin it was Pokemon Sapphire on the Game Boy Advance in 2003. How I obtained the game at first is unknown to me, but I do have the data from playing it. As the Pokemon series progressed, I began to reacquire my interest in the Pokemon of Hoenn, and eventually I thought of a remake of Pokemon Sapphire. My dream then came surprisingly true during E3 2014 with Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphirefor the Nintendo 3DS!

    Despite my original game to choose was Sapphire, I chose to buy Pokemon Omega Ruby instead for a slightly altered experience. By December 12, 2014, I started playing and ancient links opened for me.

    Significance of a Remake

    When I bought Pokemon Omega Ruby, I had made more preparations than I have ever done for starting a new game. I did the pre-play work because of the significance it had to me; it's a remake of a game that got me into gaming. I set playthrough guidelines to help me enjoy the game to the fullest. These guidelines said I should play in a quiet environment and how early I was allowed to finish the main game.
    As I played through Omega Ruby, I wrote my progress day-by-day on physical paper including my party Pokemon, major items acquired, and progress in the story. I believed taking notes would help me remember the game.

    Now here it comes: my actual experiences with Pokemon Omega Ruby.

    When I first started the game, it looked like I was playing the original Ruby; the scene was identical to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. But, it turns out the scene was on another screen of a new accessory! Then, I find myself in a moving truck as Professor Birch asks for my trainer gender and name. I decide to pick female (May) and named her Michelle, an alternative female name for Michael which I once used for Brendan back in Sapphire.

    *Brendan (Left) and May (Right).

    As you may expect, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have a very similar storyline to the original games. Like any remake, this is intended while also being up to date.

    One of the several new additions is the PokeNav Plus which is shown on the touch screen. It includes the new AreaNav for showing your location as well as the Player Search System, Super Training, and Pokemon-Aime from X and Y which are contained in the PlayNav. There's also the DexNav which can display wild Pokemon seen in the area and detect hidden Pokemon that can have unique moves and possibly their hidden ability! However, approaching these potentially useful Pokemon requires slow movement. Otherwise, they will flee. Eventually through game progression, the DexNav can detect Pokemon from other regions, such as Deino from Unova. I was first in an intense sadness and thought it was a disaster that could use potentially any Pokemon I want before the post game, but I found that I was just overwhelmed with suddenly a large chunk of information to process.

    Visually, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are very pleasing. Although the Pokemon animations are pretty much the same as X and Y, there are many new changes to the graphics that makes the games feel more alive! Many characters, including Brendan and May, show significantly more emotion and body language than back in X and Y where emotion wasn't as noticeable. Also, the player character can now adjust their walking speed and move with full 360 degree-control via the 3DS's circle pad. Alternatively, the traditional movement controls with the control-pad can also be used. I personally preferred movement with the circle pad for the greater sense of freedom.


    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire expand on X and Y while maintaining the nostalgia of the original Ruby and Sapphire. I expected great memories to come back to me with Omega Ruby and I got them! Between the graphics and music, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have the arts to provide at their intended effect. A long time Pokemon fan, like myself, may not want to miss out on what these games have to offer. After the week I spent playing Pokemon Omega Ruby, I can say that this is the greatest hand-held game I have ever played!:D I would compare the experience to Super Mario Galaxy which was one the most enjoyable Wii games for me!

    Well, that's my take on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Omega Ruby meant a lot to me and my father, who once played the original Ruby. Your viewpoints and opinions may be very different from mine, but if you do want to state criticism towards these games I'll try my best not to be hurt by them.
    And if you are planning to play one or both Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire yourself, here's some of my advice that could improve your experience.

    • Don't play in a disturbing environment.
    • Don't live in the future. Accept what you have now.
    • Don't play to the last minute available, such as when you need to be with your family or friends.
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  2. I'm in love with the wingulls that fly away when you come close to them, It looks so cool.
    The music brought back so much memory's. I don't like what they did to mauville city tought but besides that this game is awsome.
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