Your internet speeds!

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  1. My fibre optic router came yesterday, but it can't actually be set up until the 2nd of May, so I thought i'd test my current broadband one's speeds. They're pretty crap.

    Post yours below! :D

    *I will edit this with my fibre optic speeds on the 2nd :D*

    EDIT: ...
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  3. I'm an internet speed geek :)
  4. Damn ._.

    I'm assuming it takes you like, an hour to download big files like games? :p
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  5. About 10-15 minutes :)
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  6. Aww yis.
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  8. So today I went from 1.5 mb/s to this.
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  9. I think this is one of the best speed test results I've ever got actually :p I normally get 30 mb/s download.
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  10. Cus I'm a peasant yo.
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  11. Still better than what mine used to be...
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  12. I used to have Sky but I got rid of it. Only bad thing about Virgin is the slow upload. Should of tested and recorded when I first got the internet (Last Saturday) I was getting 62 download.
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  13. You'll probably find that the download speed will gradually rise slowly within the next few days until you get around 30 mb/s, at least that's what happened to mine. But time of testing is also a factor because peak times usually means slower broadband. :)
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  14. It chose a different server this time and did a bit better. Not gonna complain about these speeds though they work good for me.
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  15. Just gonna go ahead and post this on behalf of Dwight (I couldn't help but save his results for sheer awesomeness of it). We can always tell when he joins teamspeak because he sounds like R2D2, hahaha.