Your build with Shaders!

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  1. Hey everyone! So it's been a really long time since I played MC but I used to be pretty big into shaders and dynamic lighting in MC. I know I know why overdue such a simple game? I just love how amazing you can make things look with just blocks, blocks!

    So I installed a few mods again tonight (all client side nothing that gains any sort of advantage) and I have found that stuff that looks epic in vanilla looks twice as epic with all these mods haha.

    A lot of you saw and loved my house, so I figured I'd start up with that, here is a screenshot of it:

    So I got to thinking, who else wants to see their plot with the game maxed out. Beyond normal view distance, no fog, shaders, dynamic lighting, the full thing. I have a power house of a computer so there is no limit here.

    Just give me your res number I will check it out and try to find a nice angle and day/night and give you a screenshot!

    Here is some other screenshots from me wondering around on SMP5:

    MrsWishes horse shop:

    Town Spawn:

    Someones hotel that clearly looks haunted:

    Imgur takes a lot of the quality away sorry about that, you can click on all the images to make them larger though. Hope you guys enjoy, and be sure to post your res info if you want a screenshot. :)
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  2. A couple screenshots of 5214 on utopia please!
  3. 5115 on utopia plox!
  4. This is what my main res looks like :)

  5. Beyond normal view distance? How do you mean? Render distance on EMC has a maximum amount of chunks it won't go over.
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  6. This is what a build that I did on another server looks like (Won't mention the name)I have lots more shots like this if you want to see them :)

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  7. All servers do, pretty sure the default is 14 chunks. But as long as things are updating on a chunk they won't unload. You can force things to stay updating, a good example of this would be to watch this - at 2:50 he shows 4 different examples on how to keep chunks loaded even without players being around.
  8. That looks awesome! Nice work. :)
  9. Thanks :)
  10. What shaders do you all use?
  11. Just wondering, what are your computer specs?

    Those pictures look really nice, could you also please make one of my friends shop at 1145 (on smp1)? Thanks. :)
  12. 10940, Smp5 please? :D
  13. Can someone explain the process of downloading these preferrably on mac )_)
  14. i like to use a magic thing called photoshop or gimp. it works just fine - without the prodigious lag
  15. alex, your place so beasty in that :D
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    CPU: Intel Core i5 Unlocked @ 3.70GHz OC
    RAM: 8 GB DDR3
    GPU: GTX 680 Classified Edition 4Gig x2 in SLI
    500G SSD and 500G HDD
    All my peripherals are by Razer.
    3x 24 inch monitors @ 120Hz refresh rate

    Anything else just ask, but that's the basics. :)
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    It's so big it was hard to get some nice screenshots of it, but I bet that took forever! xD

    When on top and the sun pointing toward me it was pretty much impossible to see where I was going, so blinding and bright haha.
  18. Nice. I have an i7 and an Nvidia chip :p What shaders do you use?