you'll never believe what happened to me on SMP4....

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  1. Disclaimer: Warning dear reader, you're now reading into a "shellrant" (lets name these write-ups!). This is something I usually do in the weekends. Meaning: I write as I go along. It could be long, it could be short, but its all written up in one go from mind, and sometimes at a time when I shouldn't be doing this :) (I do triple re-reads to (try and) make sure I don't violate any rules).

    So while I was 'mining' :D my own business on the forums, which I often do, I suddenly got a PM (personal message / new conversation) from an anonymous stranger. I know; you forum die hards could now cry out: "Impossible, just look at the person who sent the message you silly!" but I will have you know that the person who sent this PM told me it came from an anonymous person. And who am I to question that? (lets not question a friendly players words please ;)).

    As such, please, no questions about this persons identity because I shall not be answering them. After all, if I do then even a simple apostrophe could very well reveal his identity and we most certainly don't want that to happen. I know my punctuation, but lets take no risks: anonymous is anonymous after all. So I ask that we all respect this.


    "This is freaking awesome!" (ShelLuser quote at time of writing)

    So I got an invitation to come to a residence on smp5 smp4 because an anonymous person had given me and several (anonymous *LOL*) others Secret Santa Gifts ("SSG's"). That sounded very good to me right from the start. Because you see; smp5 (this I had in mind at time of writing, no offense intended!) is a server I came to love and respect quite quickly after I started playing (seriously). Once my won support voucher comes in then I'm >< tempted (most likely will) to get a second (personal / home) residence there.

    And edited well meant apologies for players on smp4 who noticed my error.

    For the record, I have no plans of leaving SMP2. SMP2 has that friendly extra special touch to welcome new players to the server:


    errr..... otoh.. lets not get carried away... :eek:

    (small side track but this honestly got me hooked on, what turned out to be, smp2 ever since I set foot on EMC)

    (upcoming described events have been slightly modified in storyline to make sure the anonymous person remains just that) (yeah, right ;)):

    I guess I should head over to the office shown at the left side?

    So where to go from here I wondered. I did get some instructions of course, but for those who don't know me too well; during the weekends (in the evenings when I tend to play) I'm not always as clear minded as I should be :)

    As such I went up the dirt stairs and started slithering on the ice (note: I really liked that touch!) and went over all the chests to see which one would have my SSG's. Well, unfortunately, none of them had. So what could it be? Maybe it was some Santa test to see if I had been a good boy? That could pose a problem because although a lot of people seem to like me you can never please 'm all....

    So I started to look around for clues, and what do you know... It was hard to miss but eventually I found a hidden hint which allowed me to teleport to a secret location. And what I found there... you'll never believe. SO, as is the custom saying: picture or it didn't happen. Right?

    The ShellGoodyBag!

    From Candy Cane fireworks to Candy apples, Haunted candy and a Christmas cookie right up to... one of the main reasons (honest) which trigged this rant: awesome redstone goodies as well! (for those who don't know me: redstone is one of the reasons I got into Minecraft). So I hope you'll see that this part had that little bit of extra 'speciality' for me. (perhaps unintended, but that is only what makes this even more awesome for me!).

    And don't get me started on the Shell armor :)

    I am grinning the whole time I started writing this post (really!). What did I get? Well... Shiny boots (that's always nice), Shellpants (lol!), Shellshirt and.... (wait for it...) an awesome Shellmet! (this has me grinning SO badly!)

    Ok, I just decided here and now that this ShellArmor shall be my official garment on SMP4 :)

    "I love this stuff!" (ShelLuser quote at time of writing)

    "So how does it look?", you now ask? Well, thanks for asking! (and if you didn't, don't worry, I am going to show you anyways (oh noes! :D)):

    ShellLuser @ SMP4; in his shiney new & cool ShellArmor!

    Dear anonymous Christmas gift giving secret person: I think I speak for several people when I say that what you did up there is just totally awesome. Although I honestly focus mainly on the event and not so much the goodies I'd be lying if I didn't share that this got my mind blown :)

    And if you don't believe me then just check my profile status. When I really get into something (slightly) Minecraft related you can be sure that my forum profile will list it (since I simply play on 1 Minecraft server only).

    At the risk of overdoing it: this you guys is one of the prime examples why I think so highly of the Empire community in general. Quantity does not make quality (think about that) but it does have the potential to attract quite a bit of it anyway.

    And with that I bid you all a good evening. My play time has been most spend on writing all this but it was well worth it.

    "I love this stuff!" (ShelLuser quote at time of clicking the "Create Thread" button).

    PS (edit):

    Thank you to the unknown (?) moderator who was kind enough to change the topic from smp5 into smp4!
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  2. I so thought that armor was 80k member armor!!! But anyway ;) cool!!
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  3. Honestly... I don't care about value too much. Its why I spend an easy 10k (I think) at a slot machine "because". Well, because it was fun (but... honestly... also because I of course did like to win something).

    I really play for the experience and anything other than that is details.
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  4. I got a gift as well in that secret santa and I must say Thank you to whoever gifted me that!
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