You Won't Believe What I Found on My Graphics Card.

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How Often You Clean Your PC?

Every Moth or Less 3 vote(s) 13.6%
Every 3-6 Months 4 vote(s) 18.2%
Every Year 2 vote(s) 9.1%
Never Cleaned it Before 13 vote(s) 59.1%
  1. Hello everyone! Today I`m here to tell you about an issue that affects us in a global scale. Aikar`s evil plans to destroy the world Dirty PCs.

    Last Sunday (September 18th) Me and my friend changed my Central Processing Unit (CPU), and I took the oportunity to clean my PC. Now, I realized that my graphic cards had these little screws on the side, and I realized you could open it. When I did, I was surprised with what I found.

    I'll spare words and let you find out on your own. Here are the pictures.

    By the way this guy is Me :v

    And this is my graphics card :D

    So, what I want to tell you people is: PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF AIKAR, CLEAN YOUR PCs!

    Don't do it like me who took 5 years to find out you could open the graphics card and clean it.
  2. Haha, Actually today i just cleaned my PC's dust filters, i have water cooling on my CPU so that is one less thing to clean :p. I hate dusty Pc's and unclean ones
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  3. Love this!

    It's not just the PC by the way, you also might want to check out your keyboard every once in a while, because it's amazing what kind of junk can find it's way in there. Sometimes you can't easily clean a keyboard without actually taking it apart.

    My current (desktop) PC is a bit prepared for this: it has an airvent on the side which is used to suck in cooling air for the graphics card. As a result a lot of dust and such gets filtered on the outside of the case, and that really helps to keep the inside clean(er)!

    Thanks for sharing!
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  4. EW!!!!!!!!!!!! Dead skin cells......EW!!!! OMG is there hair in that too? #MegaDustBunny
  5. Wow that is very crazy to see all that dust :eek:
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  6. Didn't read, just came here to smack you with a rolled-up newspaper for the clickbait title.

    There, my job is done. :confused:
  7. i thought this would take me to a buzzfeed article...
  8. Yup, as you noticed, lol, it's certainly a good idea to clean your computer (components) once in a while. :p My frontplate and bottom of my computer (gradually) get extremely dusty after only a few months of cleaning for some reason, and on the inside of my (black) computer it literally looked like there was a layer of snow :p There also was (is?) a little spider web, that I do not wish to know of how it got there. :p

    Keyboards... my god it's terrible how dirty those can get. Luckily I can remove the keycaps on my current keyboard, so it's easier to clean (I actually took ALL (!) keys off once), but yeah... the insides of keyboards are "dirtystuff" magnets :p
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  9. But why would you clean it if you don't ever see it anyway? Does it affect the performance?
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  10. i don't know about performance, but if you have dust allergies it could be a problem :p
  11. Yes. The temperatures can rise, A LOT, making the performance degrade due to thermal throttling (or not boosting as high), and/or decrease the life span of the component(s) due to the increased temperature. Also, my computer has a window :p
  12. Holy crap dude, what kind of temps were you getting on that thing?
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  13. Apart from what Tom said above: if those fans eventually get too much dust to move around then it can also affect the fan itself, sometimes resulting in weird (and highly annoying!) noises. That's not healthy for the fan either. This is actually why I don't really like the idea of having a fan on my graphics card, even though sometimes it's really necessary.

    Cleaning can also help prevent that stuff.
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  14. What is the difference between a fan on your graphics card, and one on your CPU cooler? They both are really close to the heat fins on the heatsink, making it just as possible for too much dust to get in either fan, right?
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  15. Size. Although with many modern GPU's (as shown in the OP) it's also often the same. But a lot of graphic cards use smaller fans which had quite some issues. Robustness is one problem; because they're often quite small it's not uncommon for dirt (or other friction) to happen which can unbalance them. And because they're quite fragile it will often cause the whole fan to start resonating, causing lots of noise.

    On the positive side however you can often get access to the axes by removing some stickers. Then a little sawmachine oil can do miracles to 'fix' the noise. Of course, you're usually better off buying a new fan. Because using a bit of oil is usually only a temporary fix.
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  16. Oh yes, those tiny fans can be terrible indeed :p But that's why people should just get graphics cards that are either passive, or have big fans (which should be quieter anyways!). :p
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  17. when i was working in a computer tech shop, i had simular incidents where it looked like a filter up to 2 inches of pure dust... most came from desktops on the ground or laptops as people use them on their laps..
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  18. Well, that's why they're called "laptops"... :p
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