You shower too much!

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  1. Most of you take very long showers, or you shower more than 2 times a day. I, take 1 fast shower every day, it takes me like 2.5 or 4.5 minutes :D.
    Here is a video of why you don't need to shower too much.
  2. Ha, mine are like 2 mins each, usually less.
  3. I will keep mah long hot showers!
  4. I take 2 20 minute showers every day and Im perfectly fine :p
  5. I take 10-15 min showers... and only once a day, at best.
  6. Shower every day before bed (I got out 10 minutes ago) except on Saturday night where I take a break. I wash my hair every other day. Works out fine for me. Spend about 5 minutes in the shower and 5 minutes trying not to girly out as I attempt to get out into the suddenly much colder outside.
  7. Showering is the only hygienic practice I take part in regularly (other than brushing my teeth), so I'll keep my 10 minute showers.
    How do you even take one that fast? Do you not have hair?
  8. Midnight shower bump :D.
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  9. Dude the shower is the best 50 minutes of my day.
  10. Not sure what is wrong about showering
    • Gives you "me" time.
    • Lets you think about stuff.
    • Hot water -- Hell yes!
    • No annoyances
    • Cleanliness
    • Protection from the barren iceland outside the shower.
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  11. 0.o 50 minutes you must look like the human prune after.
  12. I have just watched this on my PS3.... What a coincidence
  13. I like my scalding hot turn the crank all the way showers :D Oh and by the way if your worried about "stripping your hair of it's natural oils" Use baby shampoo :p
  14. I shower 2 a day for half an hour xP I live in Canada come on i need a hot shower to get away from my igloo.
  15. Don't spread rumours about our country :p
  16. lol awe you most not live in the good part of Canada ;)
  17. Noting how I live below parts of the states, I must be missing out.
  18. I have a 20min shower then about a 30min bath every 2 days -3- but I NEED to wash my hair everyday otherwise it gets gross ;-; But I usually have cold showers in the morning to wake me up and feel a bit fresher :D
  19. okay this isn't even okay. i bathe like. 3 times a day for 45 minutes each.

    and yes i shower before i bathe because laying in your own filth is gross oki.