You Select the next Miner Mania Location

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Where should the next Miner Mania be hosted?

Poll closed Sep 16, 2016.
SMP1 10 vote(s) 10.6%
SMP2 34 vote(s) 36.2%
SMP3 10 vote(s) 10.6%
SMP4 11 vote(s) 11.7%
SMP5 11 vote(s) 11.7%
SMP6 11 vote(s) 11.7%
SMP8 29 vote(s) 30.9%
SMP9 11 vote(s) 11.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Back by popular demand!

    Rules are simple: Pick which smp you want to have this event hosted on. You have till 7:30 PM EMC time to make your choice. Winner gets the exclusive right of hosting the next MM event. In the event of a tie I'll pick between the tied SMPs.

    Naturally, all of this is pending a resolution of that giant red box that's currently at the top of the forums. If we are forced to cancel the event due to it, I will find time before the next Miner Mania to make this one up.

    Lastly, sorry for the lack of love in the poll smp7 but we gotta keep it fair for everyone - you did win the last one. :)
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  2. Not everyone can go to utopia thats the problem
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  3. Should be on 6 so when you get into argument you can go pvp
  4. As I much like that, I hate pvp so for me that doesn't help me. Also, you know better when you were a mod (/mute) ;)

    I choose smp2 because I haven't heard smp2 being chosen much so. That is my choice.
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  5. SMP1!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  6. As long as it's not smp5. I'm far in the wild there :D
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  7. Not sure that would work. Can you tp to PVP while on the waste on the same server? If so, that's a cheaty way to get to town that works for smp6 only.

    But if you are on any other server & do /pvp it automatically transports you to smp6 pop arena.
  8. And yet another clue ;)... One of these days
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  9. I'm just taking soil samples. Nothing of interest.
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  10. I would like to go to the pop arena, didnt know we had one of those...

    jk, but I am going to have to vote for SMP2 :p

    edit: btw, while I am missing the love for SMP7, I understand why you must pull your love from us :(
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  11. It is because of me I know that xD
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  12. Or maybe it's the solution. ;) [/joke]
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  13. ;)
  14. We try to avoid dipping into multiple smps with MM over a short period of time to keep things as fair as possible with event hosting.. The last time I held this poll smp7 hosted. This is just to ensure we have a different smp hosting with this poll. :)
  15. Looks like it's gonna be SMP8 xD
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  16. Smp3 doesn't get enough attention. I one day hope with some friends of mine to resurrect it's economy, so you should host MM on smp3 and you can all sell your diamonds to me :p
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