You just lost the game

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  1. For anyone who was doing well with this, I'm so sorry :3 Sort of

    If you don't know, The Game is a game where if you think about it, you lose. You just need to try and not think about it for as long as possible, basically

    I feel unusually proud of myself :p
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  2. It's probably been about a month...
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  3. Sorry to be that guy... but there is a spelling error. 2nd sentence, lose not loose. :l
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  5. Grr. You just had to. I refuse to lose
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  6. Unfollowing this thread, so I stop losing the game >.>
  7. It's been 14 years.
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  8. Alice. You just ruined. 4 years. Of winning. Ohmagawd.
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  9. There is no escape. There is no winning.. There is just... THE GAME. you lost.
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  10. Hey; I went 14 years of my life without hearing about this. I was approximately 71 years away from winning if I live until my country's current life expectancy :c
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  11. 4 Years!!!
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  13. Your gif is relevant.

    To everyone reading this who wants to succeed in the 'The Game' and for some reason is now reading this and may have missed OP: ABANDON THREAD!
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  14. HOW DARE YOU its been almost 2 years since i last lost the game :(
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  15. Well Played
  16. Restart?
    [NO] [NOPE]
    Damn you.
  17. Insert random gif here:
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  18. Im just sat giggling to myself, I regret nothing :p