You Don't NEED An Obsession!

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  1. Alright, I am going to post this while this little "trend" is a new born. There is a difference between want and need. Those of you who post threads, you want an obsession. It is not possible to need an obsession.

    You guys do not need an obsession, if you truly wanted an obsession, it would just happen. An obsession to something is not something you ask someone for, it is something you naturally have.

    Even if you do not have an obsession, it does not make you any less unique than those who do.

  2. If you want to be obsessed with something, go play a Skinner box game.

    Or watch any anime or animesque show.
  3. I totally agree with you.
    You don't Any other obsession than snow.
  4. My melon "obsession" started way before I discovered EMC. It did not come because I felt like I needed or wanted to have an "obsession", it was because it just came to me and eventually took control of my life until I became a melon god. Not everyone should have an obsession. And to those thinking that an obsession can be instant, it can't.
  5. Everyone obsesses about things in life, but you should need to have a "signature block" to be a valuable part of the community! I myself have a slight obsession with a certain element of Minecraft, but I tend not to mention it because (a), I'd rather just enjoy the present and live my Minecraft life, and (b), you're all gonna get a facefull of it once a certain update comes out. The point is, you can still be a fun and well-known person, but the best way to do that is to BE YOU!
    For example, take nick5013. He didn't plan his melon thing just to become some sort of well-known melon freak! He just showed his inner self, and that happened to be made up of melons and trolling and creepy avatars! And we all love him!
    So, the point is, as we are all trying to say, don't feel that you need to be represented by a single block. When I think of someone, I want to think of them as a rainbow of personality and creativity, not a single bland element. So go on! Quit obsessing about obsessions and let your inner self shine! :D
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  6. potato is life
    potato is love
  7. See? Obsessions come as naturally to a human as skin to a potato, but it's not that outer skin that matters, but rather the deliciousness that's underneath!
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  8. Maybe, by obsession, people mean they just want something they make a big deal about and can be known for.
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  9. If everybody had an obsession of a different block, it would not be fun anymore. It would just be a bunch of people saying

    "Go netherbrick! Normal bricks stink! Pumpkins smell!"
  10. Cake is love.
    Cake is life.
  11. Guessing you're a fan of pie?
  12. How dare you ever..
  13. I can see you and Cordial_Pie engaging in a battle to the death.
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  14. I think maybe the term "obsession" is being used here in replace of "something to focus on". It probably isn't the best word to use, but I think that may be what people are meaning by it.
  15. Obsessions are annoying. Sorry not sorry. There only bareable to me if you make them funny. :)