xxcapmanxx's Guide to the World of Minecraft and it's Incorporation Into Emc

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  1. A guide to the normal Minecraft and it's incorporation into emc, if you find any minor or a plain error you should know that all that I typed in was going to be a comment on another guide thread so until I realized it was a bit too long for a comment and much more fitting as a thread on the forums,so to start off, you get a pickaxe and try to mine to iron, upgrade to a couple of iron pickaxes, getting to chunk 10 and mining from there, then mining redstone in the hopes of running into a couple diamonds and the occasional gold, sell the gold and redstone for rupees, investing in enchanting a pick with fortune and using it specifically to mine redstone and the occasional diamond for the chances of getting extra diamond, during all of that you can use your newfound riches on the economy to get rich and be happy with the currency you have, or you can build some gear to be able to take on the vanilla game, take on an underwater temple for gold, underwater lanterns, dark prismarine, and the elusive sponge, these resources are valuable in the economy especially the sponges, but to play it safe you may want to get some underwater breathing and nightvision potions. Another thing to take on is the nether fortresses, there you will be able to mine quartz, nether bricks, nether wart, and glowstone. You will also be able to battle nether skeletons to get their valuable skulls, fight blazes to get some blaze rods, slice through magma slimes for magma slime balls, and catch the occasional ghast tear from the annoying little fly: the ghast. If you wish to take everything a step further, you can make a wither farm or be risky and slice and dice every pigman you run into. Of course you can still take on the wilderness like normal, killing mobs for bones, gunpowder, food, or enderpearls at best and going on mining expeditions. Or you can take the wilderness by storm and make mob farms for loot and set up camp to terraform a huge chunk of an area which will also have potential in the creation of slime farming depending on what you decided to mine . And of course you can just take on the emc custom bosses which have drops that have some pretty good value or can help you in your adventures like Marlix's bow or Momentus's toothpick. Now going into one of the more difficult aspects of the game: The End, you'll need at least some form of experience with endermen to know how to deal with them when you come onto their home turf, but it basically goes like this, they're like the nightkin from Fallout New Vegas down in Jacobstown, they don't like being stared at, but unlike the stealthboy abusing mutants they will go ballistic and charge at you if you stare at them for more than .5 seconds or something, so try not to. So after dealing with that reference you will now be able to do one or some of the following, kill the ender dragon to farm his head, eggs, and xp. Or go on and take on the end world and look for elytra, choir plants, or mine most blocks for their looks or values. I don't really have much on the end because I don't like it there, just not my cup of tea, but most other players in emc can help you find your way in the end, emc has a community for a reason.Trust me they're some very nice people, communication is what will get you around in this server and community, probably make you some good friends to help you out on your expeditions or just be there for you in your times of need. Hope this helps out someone, even if some of this might not be accurate, the idea of it is what matters c:.
  2. I'm sorry, but I think this is very hard to read, because of you using no newlines or whitespaces, keeping the entire text as one big mush instead of breaking it up into paragraphs.
    Can you see what I mean? There's so many text after each other without any paragraph indication, that it becomes demotivating to read, and hard to follow.