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  1. So guys, just saying, this is a small post.
    I will happily make a grinder for you, very cheap. I supply.
    Zombie x1 grinder: 1000r
    Skeletonx1 grinder: 1050r
    Spiderx1 Grinder: 1200r
    Creeperx1 grinder: 1000000000000000000000000000000000000r ;) ( that was a troll )
    If It is A double way grinder, it adds half of the original grinder price on.
    example: Zombiex2 Grinder. Formula 1000 Divided by 2= 500, so 1000+500 = 1500 :)

    If you ask around, you will know i am very trustworthy.
    Thankyou Very much.
    Just PM me what u want me to make, oh yes i nearly forgot :/
    You supply the spawner,
    And I can possibly do cave spiders. But prices are negotiable.
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  2. Fair prices, but stealing ideas is kinda ehh me no gusta.
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  3. Well, its not steeling an idea - the first "offer" to make grinders was made ages ago.

    Selling spawners on utopia is also steeling ideas?

    And for the record - he's trustworthy.
  4. Lemme say it like this, i won't start arguing here or else a MOD will close this thread, and that will be to mean to the OP
  5. Kid now days, EMC should have copyright :p
  6. I see you have a diamond block places on your grass-dirt - that was my idea - Pathetic!!!!!1111!!!

    Point being - your a good guy, im sure.. But if we all had dibs (copyright) on an idea we had, we wouldnt be able to do anything, and the forum would shrink to a discussion about who started moving EAST first, who made his house look like a glass ball, who had the res 212912048124 first in year 2009, who had the first idea to lend someone rupees, who made the first real bank, who made an auction res, who made the first redstone guide, who sold the first enchanted item, who made the first auction post.... You get the picture by now...

    You had an idea to sell a setup, a building - im sorry, but thats just not that damn original..

    I hereby declare me the rightful owner of posting on this forum in RED! Anyone else doing this will be persecuted(prosecuted) in the name of the holy MC Troll God!

    (Ohhh, and i'll take the color white too!)
  7. I always wonder why people care that others have done things that they did as well (which they probably did from watching someone else).
  8. While its not completely good character for it to go the way it did.. You should be flattered that someone would want to "use" your idea regardless of if you wanted him to or not. Willing to sacrifice his respect and everything else just to use an idea he obviously thought was good. Probably the biggest compliment you could have gotten.
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  9. I call dibs on the word "the".
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  10. What ISMOOCH says is true. Also, to be completely honest, The way you have handled this situation, Alex, has assured that if/when I need a grinder set up I will use Smiley and not you.
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  11. Mother baking thumps up!
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  12. I'm going to make a mod grinding business also.
  13. Mod grinding machine. I want one of those! =p
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  14. Well I personally grind them, but I guess I could try to make machines that do it.
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  15. I am laughing so hard at this entire conversation... ah, the immature mind xD
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  16. Don't worry, I laughed while writing it.
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  17. super mega lolz @ this xD
  18. Naughty people! I meant it in a completely XP related way!!
  19. Mods are full of XP.. I could see why they would be worth grinding..
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  20. So to sum up this convo in two words..... free candy?
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