XpCakeCrafteds own custom texture pack

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  1. The link to download the texture pack will be put here when done uploading
  2. yay yay yay!!! I'm so excited! You will get a lot better feed back from this audience too. Especially since so many people will see it :D might even learn some ways to do it faster/easier/better :D
  3. this is not a really good view of the texture pack
  4. and its still uploading
  5. I see all I need to see.
  6. well I don't feel like uploading a youtube video about it
  7. um well I did not mean to go to the end
  8. I was messing around with the end portal
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  10. also I made a few adjustments to the textures the bugs me.
  11. also ill be updating it after every update mojang makes to minecraft
  12. but ill not release a 1.9 version till 1.9 is fully released also some textures might change after every update mostly it will be the gui, items and entity folders
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