Wow I should have done this so long ago

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  1. Hey so, the name is Daniel E. F. Most of you know me as either SonicFury74 or ElfinCarrot. I have been on EMC for 64 days as of posting this thread and for my first couple of days, I completely just ignored the forums entirely. So you can imagine, I never did one of these. So, I finally decided I wanted myself to get known on the forums and posted this little tid bit. So em a yeah. Hello EMC.
  2. Well.... welcome to the forums. The forums are a great place!
  3. Welcome.
    Like you, I also ignored the forums for a bit, but just a tad (1.25 years) longer than you. So you are still fairly new to EMC.
    (I am yet to do one of these, also)
    Anyways, welcome to the forums!
  4. Glad to see you on the forums! :)
  5. Welcome to the forums! It's great here, you can easily find a topic you're interested in, or you can get others interested in your hobbies!
  6. Leave the forums whilst you still can, you still have your dignity intact!
  7. I was much like you, except those first days were more like first months to me :p
  8. Welkome at the EMC forums and, only 64 days between joining online and at forms... I needed one year... :rolleyes:
  9. Hi Daniel. welcome to the Empire and the forums. Both a great place to be. Enjoy your stay. :)
    Also, welcome Chamelon. I'm sure you are enjoying your stay. ;)
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