Would player buy redstone stuff?

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  1. Would players buy redstone items? I been thinking about a redstone shop with all the redstone items! But I heard player just like to buy the basic items and making there own stuff! Like cobblestone slabs and walls, is it any different with redstone item
  2. This is just my own personal opinion, but when it comes to redstone items I definitely prefer to purchase a fully built item. With basic items like slabs and walls I go for basic stuff, but with redstone items I'm always needing to look up crafting recipes. I'd much rather buy full items. That's just me though!
  3. Good to know!
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  4. in some cases id think people would buy more redstone items then say for example building blocks.
  5. People do buy redstone items. I have a floor in my shop dedicated to redstone items and it does well. I say go for it!:D
  6. I do not think I can add anything to value here, other than this:

    As a hardcore miner, it's super easy to get redstone dust. Crafting all the different redstone items is a real pain, unless you happen to have all of the ingredients to make every individual redstone item on you at that exact moment in time.

    You guys did a great job replying to this, I legit have nothing else to say, haha :rofl: :lmao:
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  7. Sure thing bud! Of course you're going to get varied responses between the workers and the shoppers.

    As a miner at heart, I like to try to provide my own materials usually. Although, if I'm focused and working in town and I don't have the materials on hand or in storage, odds are I'm going to run to the nearest shop.

    I think it's absolutely worth it! Good luck! ;)
  8. I think I have all the answers to decide what to do, biome-mart will eventually open a redstone biome!