Would anyone mind?

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  1. Would anyone mind a minecraft video with no talking in it, I lost my mic?
  2. Nah man we love mc videos!
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  3. Sometimes a nice peaceful video with no talking is much more desired than one with the player's voice~
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  4. No, wait, you totally have to talk, like the entire time. This way ppl will think they've lost their mics too.
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  5. I'd say Minecraft videos without commentary are a lot less interesting than Minecraft videos with commentary, unless it's a redstone tutorial or something. I am personally not interested anyway (I only watch YouTubers play Minecraft whom I have watched for many years), but in case you would like to record your voice: maybe you have a laptop with built-in mic, or a phone with a decent mic (any smartphone would do, providing it has enough memory storage) or an MP3 player? :)
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  6. Or, you can try using a voice recording app (example: voice memos or something). That's what I used for a video once and surprisingly, it worked pretty well.

    Or, just don't have any voice in the video. Maybe have text instead of you talking. I think sometimes, I enjoy watching a Minecraft video without someone blabbering about stuff you know? But it really depends what kind of MC videos youre making. If you are explaining something, it might be best to have you talking. But if you are doing something else, try putting in some text in the video, or recording your voice on something else.

    Just a thought. :) :D
  7. I just found out I had a mic in my laptop. Lol
  8. Cool, then be sure to show it off~
  9. That is one of the possibilities I suggested in my post. ;)
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  10. Sorry I didn't realize that the laptop had it, I don't want to record when my wife asleep for obvious reasons.