World Vegan Month

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Are you a vegan?

Yes. 2 vote(s) 6.1%
No. 29 vote(s) 87.9%
Rather not answer. 2 vote(s) 6.1%
  1. Ever Considered going vegan, but not sure where to start? Vegan Month is dedicated to educating about vegan eating and lifestyles, and encouraging you take give it a go. Take part by eating and living vegan, stopping animal cruelty, and living a healthier life!


    World Vegan Day is an annual event Celebrated on 1 November, by vegans around the world. The Day was established in 1994 by Louise Wallis, Then President & Chair of the Vegan Society, United Kingdom to commemorate its 50th anniversary and in 2014 the 70th anniversary of the term 'vegan', 'veganism', and the establishment of The Vegan Society.

    Vegans around the world join together to celebrate animal rights. Animal advocates hold street stalls about veganism, vegan potluck host events, plant memorial trees for World Vegan Day.
  2. What.

    You're telling me my birth-month, home to the American tradition of poultry-based gluttony, is "Vegan Month" now?

    No. I refute this assertion. Go take over April, or May, when all your precious four-legged delicacies are making more of themselves for our consumption and your soy-alternatives are capable of growing again.
    November is for tasty Turkey, not tofu. :p

    (This is humor. Mostly. I mean, you can have a day if you want. ..I guess... >_>)
  3. lol, I'm just sharing the news... I mean, I ain't a vegan myself. But I appreciate their efforts. I would be a vegan, if food here in Brazil didn't suck so much...
  4. Heh. My sister's BF is vegan, or at least vegetarian. Never understood the logic there myself - my thinking is, I wasn't born with canines and bicuspids to chew celery. "But hey, you do you, man." Not really hurting anyone else if he'd rather have a veggie-burger than real beef.

    More meat for me. :D
  5. I guess that's what differs us from animals, we can change our nature whenever we want to. I mean, I love steaks and stuff like that, but I guess I would be if the food quality was better... I could definitely live by just eating french fries... Although it wouldn't really be healthy. :D
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  6. Although not vegan, I am a vegetarian.
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  7. I couldn't Be vegan I love meat

  8. Some messages from the realest American there is.
  9. Warning: Shell rant.

    I'm not a vegetarian nor a vegan myself, however; one of my dear Minecraft friends is and we have had many talks about it. And no: not to decide who is right or who is wrong. With these kind of topics I honestly believe there is no right or wrong. Well... Actually there is.

    First of all: us humans are omnivores. We can digest both plants as well as meat. In strict contrast to herbivores and carnivores. (animals which can only eat plans / herbs and animals which can only eat meat). When solely looking at nature itself there is nothing wrong with eating meat. It is more or less survival of the fittest which is exactly how nature operates to make sure that survival is actually an option. The weaker get wiped out in order to ensure that the species continues.

    With that in mind I don't have much problems with eating meat myself. It is after all more or less natural.

    But that is also where the problems start.

    In a perfect world we would get our meat and only the meat we need. In a perfect world we'd also make sure that the animals live in good conditions before their demise. Thing is: this world is not perfect.

    When there's money involved or stuff involved some people will go through really weird and bizarre shortcuts to get the best out of it. Even if it involves mistreating animals. You want them to grow up as soon as possible to get the best of meat from it? Lets put them onto a 12 hour day/night cycle instead of the 24. In fact: lets replace their natural food (lets focus on cows: so: no more grass) with fabricated grass. Heck: study shows that meat is in fact very nutricious. You know what? Lets re-use the material which isn't suited for human consumption and feed it right back to the other cows. That should get them some extra weight (= more flesh).

    Sounds bizarre? Yes, it does; yet this is happening. And about that grass.. Wouldn't it be great if we could somehow engineer a grass species which can't be eaten by insects yet can be eaten by cows? That would save so much money; all it takes is a little bit of genetic alteration.

    Just too bad that the results of all that will probably only surface many years to come, and I don't think its going to be all that good.

    There is something wrong with the world on this subject.

    We're so caught up with rules, money and profit that many people lose focus on what's really at stake here. In my direct surroundings there is a farmer who refuses to ear-mark his animals because he considers it animal abuse. He also refuses to use fertilizer injection systems because he considers it bad. His cows get (grown) grass to eat in the summer and hay in the winter. Here's the problem: he needs permits to do all this. Even though what he does is purely natural.... Obviously he gets the permits but every year he has to fight the law whenever some inspector comes to his land and spots all the "violations".

    (if you'd like I can share more details on this; not too sober at the time of writing, but what I am sharing is is absolutely true; no excuses later).

    Another problem is that vegans have somewhat of a negative ring to them. Some vegans take things too extremes, which is what the media is really keen on; it makes a juicy story. Easy for the rest of society to wave them off as nutjobs.

    Fact of the matter is that they do have a point here. In many cases the way we treat animals is by far kosher. In fact its plain out disgusting.

    Now: here is where the vegans and me don't agree: I think eating meat is a natural thing considering that we're basically omnivores. But that doesn't mean that I don't respect their opinion: they have a very valid point. You don't need it. Especially not every day. And they most certainly have a very good point when it comes to animal treatment.

    I can take it even further with a twist of my own.. I strongly believe in opposites. Opposites which eventually balance each other out. Like in nature: herbivores are often eaten by omnivores carnivores (edit: told ya I had a drink!) yet as a result you'll see more herbivores than omnivores carnivores born. That's natures way to regulate all this a bit. Within that reasoning I think vegetarians and vegans also have an important place here. At the very least to balance out those people who eat meat every day. With all due respect: but what happens if we end up with more people than animals someday? :)

    Honestly guys: just because an animal can't say: "please stop" doesn't mean that it wants you to continue to mistreat it.

    Think about that for a moment...

    As always: just my 2 cents. Call it my weekend rant if you will :)
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  10. factory farming is disgusting so is processing food.

    I love salami...
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  11. Just to be fair, i will add this...

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  12. Thx for writing my English paper
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  13. I gave up meat once I saw an extremely disturbing video on slaughter houses, but didn't give up fish/ seafood. (No matter how hard I tried I could not give up oysters :p)
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  14. You know, once I had a sun burn on my arm and I licked it and tasted chicken.
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  15. So you ate your self...if animals wanted to be eaten would vegans eat them or would they eat them selfs because they taste good
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  16. Do what I do, Just skip the post.
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