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What Flags Would You Like to See?

Portugal 7 vote(s) 21.9%
Mexico 10 vote(s) 31.3%
China 9 vote(s) 28.1%
France 14 vote(s) 43.8%
Japan 14 vote(s) 43.8%
Russia 9 vote(s) 28.1%
Soviet Union (For Dah Comrades) 11 vote(s) 34.4%
Italy 11 vote(s) 34.4%
Israel 8 vote(s) 25.0%
Other (Write down in the comments) 9 vote(s) 28.1%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. It has come to my attention that EMC has some Flags that are really interesting, but I would like more flags. I would like to hear from staff if possible.

    If a player like me for example makes a flag for example...

    I was thinking on making my Country flag. The Brazilian Flag.
    Would EMC approve it and add it to the flag shop? I would also be happy to do other countries flags.

    Thank You!
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  2. The flags, from what I can tell, are a pretty new addition and Krysyy and Math are making new ones fairly often. (In the past few weeks we've added the Union Jack, the Australian flag, and the New Zealand flag.)

    What I'm trying to say is that this is still in the works. Things are still coming :)
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  3. The flags are map arts so they might take a lot of time to make.
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  4. Yeah, but I do wanted to help make 'em faster.
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  5. E
    Exactly, thats why I'm offering help! I guess if everyone helps a bit, it will be done way faster.

    As a wise man once said:
    "Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs."
    -Henry Ford
  6. My choices are Japan & other. You forgot the Dutch flag, nhow depressing! :p

    Anyway, I think they might want to concentrate on the flags which have a more difficult pattern instead of targeting "easy" flags. Because once 1.8 comes out then we'll have access to banners and you can use those to create quite a few flags (and other cool stuff).
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  7. Tricolour are easy.
    When you get into things like the speciality flags with symbols, THAT is where is gets difficult.
  8. Actually I wanted to put more choices in the poll but it had a maximum number of 10 choices. Sorry for Anything XD
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  9. Agreed. But I guess if we don't try we'll never get it done. I mean it is hard, but as I said, if everyone helps a bit It will be easier.
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  10. I'd love to see the Portuguese flag, myself being Portuguese. :D

    Thing is, it's a rather complicated flag and i doubt it'll be anywhere near a priority considering i haven't ever seen another Portuguese member.

    Edit: big coincidence, today I met my 1st Portuguese member besides myself, around 5 hours after making this post xD
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  11. Thanks for Colonizing us! XD
    I'm Brazilian and I would love to see the portuguese flag. I would actually love to see all the world flags if possible. That would be awesome!
  12. :DIreland, I would be happy to help. No matter which flag is picked
  13. Do you know how many world flags there are???
    That being said, the EMC flag shop is obviously designed for more flags to exist in it. Each flag has to exist on EVERY server because maps do not survive smp transfers (recently disabled even putting in vault to stop people breaking them) so it's not as simple as having other people make them.

    More flags are coming and I do have a list of the order, but no I won't make that list public because it will just lead to arguments.
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  14. would like to see the Republic of Ireland 's flag
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  15. Flags get released on their countries' holidays (USA was released on 4th of July, Australia on Australia day etc).
    We have a few more already planned. They aren't necessarily difficult to make, just no point on releasing them randomly.
  16. so I have to wait till

    Tuesday, March 17
    St. Patrick's Day 2015

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  17. I just wish we could get state flags. Cali for life #wearentallsurferbums
  18. Well If you wish i could help EMC with some flags. I would be happy to make 'em and help the community.
    Of course I understand the difficult of doing flags and such.

    Now about people breaking it... Well... Yeah... Can't really do much about it.

    "A good rule for rocket experiments to follow is this: always assume that it will explode."
    -Astronautics Magazine 1937

    I know rocketry doesn't have anything to do with flags but... You get the meaning XD
    Assume that people will destroy it...

    About the list of the order... Well I don't really mind in what order the flags are done. As long as they are done.
    And as I said, if EMC ever need some help with any kind of flag I would totally help.
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  19. *googles difficult flags*
    I demand that this be the next flag.

    I also demand that it be done in an hour. :p