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Would you be willing to try this game?

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Yes, I will try it right now. 13 vote(s) 43.3%
Yes, I will try it some other time. 3 vote(s) 10.0%
Yes, but I am having a problem 2 vote(s) 6.7%
No, I don't care if you fail at your attempts enough to try. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No, I don't have an android device 13 vote(s) 43.3%
No, My device won't let me install from the google play store 1 vote(s) 3.3%
I'll think about it, but never take any action 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. I could really use help from anyone in the EMC community who has an android device.

    For a couple of months I have been working with my brother on a game project for android. It now works on just about any android phone or tablet. It is totally free and doesn't require an internet connection to play.

    This is really good practice for me as a developer because I am learning a lot and using my development tools frequently and with lots of help from someone local. I love working on EMC, but sometimes it's hard to learn what Aikar is doing because he lives a couple of states away.

    The game is a turn based dungeon crawler where you walk around and fight monsters and try to achieve goals. There are lots of features planned that are still in development and that is why I need your help.

    My brother and I need downloads, ratings and feedback in order to get the google play store to put our game on the map. Please rate the game as high as possible so it will show up in searches and we can continue to make frequent improvements. If that is the only thing you can do, that would be great, but you might find that you like the game and want to see the improvements we make each week. That would be even better.

    The game is called 'Idamu Caverns' on the google play store. it's got an image of a rat for the icon. Google says that the game is for phones, but it actually works on any size android device.
  2. I'll get it on my tablet, if it's from you must be at least decent ;)
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  3. Downloading right now! :)
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  4. Thanks guys. If a game gets posted to google play and nobody downloads it... does it make a sound?

    I should post some images or something. I'll get a link to my google account and get some pictures up in a little while.
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  5. Now I wish I had a android...
  6. The game works well on my phone (Samsung S5), however i find it very repetitive atm since i can only pick up 1 sword, 1 backpack and 1 torch, and there only 1 mobs. but once all theres more added it could become addictive.
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  7. Kudos to you - I was never part of the android phone team ... only ios and windows phone. However, I do know what is entailed in making an app work... and sometimes it can be time consuming, stressful, challenging, costly, fun (smiley face), and even a learning experience. Much luck to you :)
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  8. It's great to hear that you found it and got it working on your phone. I couldn't agree more about the repetitive issue at the moment. As a team, we have built the code to add more items and switch weapons to fight different creatures. There are actually about 10 different creatures, but they take a few levels down to reach and longer if the game is set to the easy setting. If you just want to see creatures, set it to hardest.

    The release that you are getting from google is a week old and already outdated. The development version has better animations, and more variety of creatures sooner. That code is done and being tested for release early next week, usually Monday afternoon.

    The code we are working on for the release after that should include a real inventory system, hunger based health and strength and lots of items for food and drink. Creatures will begin dropping items. Magical items are after that.

    It takes time for just two people to build an interesting game from nothing. Art, Code, Animations, Releases, Promotional materials, you should have seen what it looked like a month ago.:oops: Please check back to the project often, and don't be afraid to make suggestions about what you would like to see in the next version.
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  9. just a lil bunp
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  10. This is a buzz kill for me I would play the game but I only have ios devices :(
    ill see if I can download on a friends tablet for me to play it on!
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  11. I just downloaded it, will try to play it later today.
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  12. Wait. So android made tablets?
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  13. That is a good question.

    Android is an operating system, not a hardware manufacturer. Apple was killing the market share on these little smart phones and devices, so android is the answer to that challenge. Google was very involved, but now seems geared to build up the chrome operating system. Google's play store has a huge number of Android apps and games.

    My android tablet is made by Motorola and it's a 10 inch version. Kindle fire is also android, but by default only lets you talk to Amazon. (those settings can be updated if you do a little research) Since it's free to use the android OS, lots of off brand manufacturers are using it with 7 inch devices and they can be found for under $100 u.s. through many retail stores, and maybe even cheaper online. The link below is just an example search, I'm not specifically suggesting any device at the moment. android tablet 7 inch

    The problem with writing Indy games for Apple devices is that you have to buy into Apple in order to publish it. I don't think it was a very affordable choice. The same issue exists with Microsoft's mobile system. The software to build applications and games is expensive for someone just starting out.
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  14. If only I had android :(
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  15. I would so help you out but I'm on apple devices. It sounds like a GREAT app though. Sorry man...
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  16. The game is cool although there are a few problems. On my gs3, everything is super small and tapping on a specific square takes effort. The smallness also prevent me from seeing some of the details put into the art which makes it kind of look bad from a graphics standpoint. The solid color walls are also a graphics problem. By no means is this game bad, but these are a few problems that I hope to see get worked out in the future. Other than that, really good job.
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  17. Thanks you for your critical but very specific feedback. There is little worse than someone who says they don't like it, but can't say why. Constructive criticism is highly valued. And it didn't sound like you hated it, and that is a good start.

    First off, there IS a zoom feature. If you use two fingers and pull them apart, you can zoom in, BUT, due to memory limitations, the amount of possible zoom is specific to each device. I am interested to know if you tried the zoom. I would have expected that the gs3 could handle a fair amount of zoom, so this may be a bug in our code. If we can get a little more zoom from your device, tapping will be a lot easier also.

    Currently we are far enough along with a stable game that we can move more of our focus to improving graphics and adding creatures and items. The next release (some time tomorrow) will have many basic animations for the character and creatures. New weapons have been created, but may not be added until next week.

    Please check back to see the improvements, and please rate our game highly because that is the biggest support that we need right now. In exchange, we are busting our butts trying to write a fun game.
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  18. I actually had no idea about the zooming thing. You may want to add something such as an in-game help that tells people that. I am glad to hear that some big updates are coming. I can't wait to see what this becomes.
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  19. I haven't tried the game yet but wanted to comment on the size problem. I have noticed that my gps app zooms in when I approach a turn. It seems like you could detect the screen size of the device you are running on and its zoom level and then zoom in or out when it is appropriate. For example, you might want to be zoomed out when navigating in your game and zoomed in when a monster is encountered or some other feature that you need to see in detail is found like a trap or lock. You could also maybe add some way to quickly toggle between different zoom levels without pinching.
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