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  1. Problem
    I've been getting kinda frusturated at how hard it is to navigate throughout the wiki, and how some of the info is not descriptive enough or incorrect.

    Now I know that there has been a promised change of the wiki layout, blah blah, where is it? EMC is recruiting more and more contributers every so often, and yet I STILL have trouble trying to find the /entcount command using the wiki. The wiki is supposed to be helpful, and I just waste my time trying to find something that will take even more time, and I wouldn't consider that helpful.

    Now, I don't want anyone to say that the contributers don't have the time to fix the wiki; contributers apply, and they should expect what work they recieve. If a contributer does not have the time to work on freshening up the wiki with new info, tips, and items, than they shouldn't have been selected, no?

    And then there's the blog.
    I honestly think that there's been more work into the blog than the wiki. I see new entries pretty often, and I still see no change in the wiki. If one problem cannot be fixed, why devote the time that could be taken to fix that problem, and direct it towards an item that is going to be less useful. Heck, we had to have a front-page thread about a blog-post, which the spot could've been filled with cool info about the EMC games. :/

    1. Obviously make the lay-out of the wiki more easier to access, and freshen up the info, making things more clear and understandable.

    2. The contributers have the job of making the wiki and blog a helpful place, like how the moderators have their job of enforcing the rules of EMC. I think it's important to make sure all contributers are doing their fair-share, and not just hanging out with the title.

    Now, I'm not trying to bash on the people working on the blog, wiki, or website, but I'm just saying that change about the lay-out of things needs to come.
  2. +Sky'sApproval

    First off: The search bar needs to be in a more convenient place. Right now it is just in a place that I really do not like looking at.

    Second off, an example page.
    Big Daddy Helmet.
    The article looks like it was written in 30 seconds max.
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  3. I'm able to see the edit logs for the wiki. Absolutely every contributor has done their fair share.
  4. That's good, then the contributers shouldn't be troubled to have their workload increased..right?

    I hope I don't sound like I'm asking for too much out of the contributers, but the wiki might as well not be there if most of the info is extremely hard to access.
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  5. It feels like the team is putting deatail into NEWER work and not OLDER work. #FIXTHEWIKI (Make it trending)
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  6. An important thing to note is that for stuff that's templated, it pretty much requires ME to go and setup or edit the templates if a change needs to be made. Since I'm extremely busy currently, and the templates are a very time consuming thing to do, it's almost a "this needs to be waited out" sorta situation.

    Contributors are able to use templates, but not create new ones, or modify them, as raw HTML and Javascript can be used in them.
  7. mmm, 30% processed, 70% not understood.

    You're basically saying that contributers have the job of writing the stuff up, while you have to maintain the layout of the wiki itself? I kinda think that's a heavy burden for one person.. :/
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  8. Just wondering, what else would you like to be added to the page? For me it seems like it's simple and brings all the info needed about the item
    Also, you only quoted the text part, there's more to the article than that
  9. Anything you see that's not just raw text uses a template. Everything from the appeal system and the vote page, to the tiny things, like the info boxes for custom items.

    RainbowChin has the ability to edit them to, but I don't expect him to, or even know how to, since it requires knowledge of HTML to even get started with them.
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  10. I suggest they add pages to the Main Wiki page that visitors look at often.

    The text part is the first thing many people read, and it is currently a giant let down.
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  11. My priorities for when I have time as as follows:
    1. New Getting Started Guide. This will be very very very fancy, and will hopefully cut down on A LOT of questions in chat.
    2. Categories. These are complicated, so I'm not gonna try to explain them, but you'll probably like them.
    3. Reworking some old templates.
    4. New Wiki homepage
    5. 1 click opt-in system for certain events.
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  12. Okay, I'll just officially put this out here now...

    I will fully welcome any thread that hopes to make better the content that we have here on the Wiki, so long as the suggestions are done maturely and with good reasons. If you want to suggest any improvements, go right ahead, but I won't stand by while you openly insult the work done by members for the wiki, even if it was written in "30 seconds" that's rather not the point. It's rather unnecessary and almost rude to the people who voluntarily put their work into this wiki.

    Please also note that every Contributor is here because they said "yes", they are not forced by staff in any way to do the work they do which only means that they chose to put some of their own spare time into creating content, and when someone says that it looks like they made no effort, it can be very disheartening.

    I hope you won't read this as a direct attack on yourselves, but rather as a reminder.

    Thank you :)
  13. That's a bit off topic from what I asked, but as far as I know, only staff can edit the Main page, so that's not something the new contributors can do.
    Which brings me back to my question: How can that text be improved, what would you like to be added? In my opinion, the information provided is simple enough for players that need the information to get it. We don't need an essay on the history of an Ore Buster, we just need the basic info so we can be informed. The current page accomplishes that well enough.
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  14. Color Code, here we go :D
    Sorry to say, but if they are going to volunteer, I would expect a bit more work on it.
    The Big Daddy Helmet was the special Diamond Helmet released to celebrate 60,000 members on the Site, it has a high level of Unbreaking, as well as Respiration allowing for further time spent underwater.
    I can clearly see it has a high level of unbreaking from the Enchantments label on the right side. If they are going to put that, I would at least like a reason.
    Pretty much defining Respiration, which I like a smidge. I think it could have been better worded and it could have been better with the other Water-Based enchantment, they sort of tie in together to make the perfect scuba helmet.

    Would you rather people lie and say "Oh, nothing is wrong with it! It looks magnificent!" It may sound harsh but I like to speak what I think. If they are going to volunteer and have no spare time, then what is the use of volunteering. I would at least have more time see what the items are used for, could be used for, or how they are great to have in general.

    I read that as a bit of an attack, but then again people must feel the same reading what I write.

    No problem.
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  15. I ask this remain as a suggestion thread, and not turn into a critism thread.
    In my opinion, I think that perhaps a little more time in detailing the article could've led to a more satifying description, such as :
    The Big Daddy Helmet was the special Diamond Helmet released to celebrate 60,000 members on the Site. It sustains a high level of Unbreaking, as well as Respiration allowing for further time spent submerged.
    I honestly think making the homepage/categories will be more useful, but I'm glad you have a plan in place. :3

    The contributes applied themselves, and they weren't asked by staff to contribute, but I somewhat understand your point.

    I'm sure sky and I both want the wiki to be a more user-friendly place, and so we are suggesting certain things that we believe will help. We are not only asking contributers, but anyone that can edit/help, and this includes staff members.
    In my opinion of a wiki, it should be a place where detailed and specific information about things can be found. If I want to find certain information about the Big Daddy Helmet, for example, and I want to find out why it is named so, then I believe that info should be on the wiki. (Though seriously, is it related to the Bioshock series or something?)
  16. This is not 100% true. Speaking only for myself, ICC approached me, not the other way around, and with the understanding that my focus was mainly on blog articles (currently revising second post before submission). Even so, I did spend some time trying to make the Empire Guide more guide-like.

    I don't disagree with you, though - it can be a pain to navigate at times and things aren't necessarily as intuitive as they should be. I would ask that you keep in mind, not all 'contributors' have the wiki as their focus (and likewise, not all wiki-focused contributors are interested in the blog).
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  17. I just made an improvement to the guide and contributors can copy it to other needed places.

    I removed the "Master Navigation" at the top in the past because its so large and pushes all the relevant content off of the page, but now I've added a way to have that menu but default hidden that you can expand, so it is now back on that page.

    Master Parent pages can now re-enable the children list and include the script (c team: you'll see it right at the top of the guide page) to enable the same behaviour.

    This should help navigation a bit.

    As for overall layout... We are a bit screwed there. The wiki software we are using is extremely limited. But we can try to improve things with JS like I just did.

    I will look into moving the search box dynamically here soon too, as well as making a master script that can be used to change wiki design overall.
  18. just press F4 :p and search main words
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  19. Personally, I was asked by ICC if I would be interested in the job before the application came out, which I then completed when it became available.

    The changes are coming along, and JackBiggin has some very interesting plans for the Wiki, mainly the whole "categories idea" which will make the Wiki a more user-friendly interface, and certainly more navigable, as it will be much easier to see where you are going, and get the information you want. :) Although, that is very complicated, however Jack will eventually get around to that.

    All the Contributors have put work in, and we all help each other, but we need the entire community as a whole to hold it together. In the event that you should see any kind of spelling error or wrong information on a Wiki page, you may PM any of the Contribution Team. Feel free to invite any of the Contribution Team to a conversation for queries on things such as wrong information, I am certainly open to a PM to help the Wiki, as it really does help us.

    Information-wise, we intend to be fairly to the point, but we do like to get our detail in on most occasions. The 60k member items have actually not been on the Wiki that long, and therefore the information was fairly vague, but all the basic information about the items were on there. I would personally like to thanks kevdudeman for getting to work on those pages and making sure they are super detailed. As I said, we try to add in all the basic information, and all the extra details will eventually get added. :)

    I have seen great work from all of the Contributors, and we will continue to update the Wiki, aided by RainbowChin and JackBiggin mostly I believe. :) Everyone has done a good job on it so far, but believe you me, there are lots of plans to improve, and we will be working on them one step at a time, just you wait and see. ;)

    All in all, everyone is pulling their weight, we are adding in lots of detail to the Wiki, and the user-friendlier interface will be worked on, I promise. Lots of plans in store. Lastly, again, feel free to message any of us at the Contribution team, so we can answer your queries and either help you, or the entire community by fixing up the Wiki, thanks for reading!
  20. Erm, if some contributers had more focus on one of their jobs more than the other, wouldn't it be more fit just to have the ranks seperated as either a blog editor, or a wiki editor? Or am I missing something here?


    This sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, so it's kinda unreliable. :p

    Mm, while I will take you two into account, I also have to take the other amount of contributers, who probably applied and wasn't specifically asked.
    To be honest, I'm not using the wiki at all really until these changes come along. The wiki is more of a time-eater than a time-saver, which is why I am urging for these changes to come along faster.
    Like I just said, until all the details of an item I need to know about are filled, the wiki isn't very helpful sadly.