[WIKI] Please, just clean it up.

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  1. Well, it was originally divided, however the decision was made to unite it, so that we do not have so many random titles flying around forums. The Contribution Team mainly works on the Wiki, however we can Contribute to other things if need be.
    The "categories" are being worked on, slowly, because Jack does have other things to deal with, but it will arrive, and make everything more navigable. The Wiki is there to help you, it has all the basic information you need to get along in EMC. We understand it is hard to get to - but I can assure you that is the prime target for us at the Contribution Team as of now. :)

    I believe all the basic information for each item is added, which is why people use the Wiki now. As I said, if you have a problem with the information on a certain page, come forward and message a few Contributors so we can add some more information swiftly and smoothly.
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  2. I made some changes to the wiki page layout early this morning before going to work. It should GREATLY solve many issues.

    Next up I will be working on an improved "master navigation" system soon
  3. I gotta say, I love the new search bar location :D Nice work staff!
  4. Absolutely everybody - staff, players, everyone - is rooting for a new navigation system, it's undeniable that the system is bad, unclear and most likely very frustrating, especially for new players who don't exactly know what to search for. As Jack said, unfortunately the contributors have no possible way to help the navigation, just the content. When Aikar/Jack can get around to it, I think what we would love is the left side to be taken up by a bar with all the categories, each page expanding out from another slide-out. :)
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