Why YouTube, Why...

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  1. Have you ever got into the weird side of Youtube?
    I know the feeling....
  2. ....
    Wtf did I just watch?
  3. Interesting...
    This is a scientific break through proving that einsten is right again...
    "Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity."

    As you can see one does not simply make this as a robot...
    ... There for my hypiposissis is that humans can be idiots.
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  4. That was....deep man lol
  5. Been to the weird side of Youtube? I live on the weird side of Youtube.
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  6. .... Quick Q why is everyone on this forum thread being derp?
  7. Well I for one am glad it had captions. Couldn't have gotten through it without them.
  8. Then may you forever suffer at the hands of these cruel and unusual videos...
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  9. No idea
    Now I know how to spell a fart...
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  10. My mind was destroyed.
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  11. Oh, yeah, it'll do that to you lol...
  12. Why, you ask?
    Why not?
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  13. Umm... What in the world?
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  14. Before I watched the video:

    After I watched the video:
  15. Try being in Mumble late at night with IcC. He finds the weird side of Youtube and ruins your childhood.
  16. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA my parents must think I'm a freak just laughing out loud while I was sitting there with my laptop
  17. I had the same exact reaction lol
  18. For any future reference, it's from a Belgian show called Big en Besty lol

  19. There are others but I think this is about the Tamest one we have shared in Mumble.
  20. Kill me please. T-T
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