Why you should never share your IP address

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  1. First off I want to say that I hope this is in the right section. I figured that this content has to somewhat do with members of our community.


    Recently, I have seen a few players with little things like this in their signatures. I will not post their names, but, I have seen it on 5-6 different people. It seems to be some sort of script that finds the ip of the user and displays some information about it. Most of them also display your city/ town, which (I hope) all of you know you shouldn't give out online. This is a very, very bad idea and I don't recommend it. But, I realize that at this point I'm just a keyboard warrior and can't tell you guys what to do. I'm just here to voice my opinion.

    Here is a picture example. I have blurred out the ip and such from the screenshot.

    What is an ip address?
    With your IP address, someone can, very easily, figure out your exact location (often with coordinates), your ISP (internet service provider) and potentially even hack into your device. Some person could also carry out a denial-of-service, or DDOS (Pronounced: Dee-doss) attack. This is illegal- at least in the United States, but hard to track and easy to carry out. Basically, it can break your internet access and allow your device to be controlled by a hacker.

    So, in conclusion, I hope some fellow players realize that giving out your ip address can jeapordize your online safety. I know that I cannot change other peoples thoughts, but hopefully some will realize just how vulnerable you can be.
  2. First
    This is nice AT9
    Thanks for posting this, I recently got my pc completely wiped and reset due to someone hacking me and slowing down my pc's performance. Although it wasn't from giving out my IP I think this is very helpful.
    Thanks again
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  3. Kewl. Thanks for the warning/safety tip :D
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  4. That signature is made to show how easy it is to find your IP anyway. You really are helpless to do anything about people finding them. Also, it only displays your IP to you personally, and it doesn't tell it to anybody else. You're perfectly safe from the people who use that as their signature.
  5. You seem to be misinformed in a few areas.

    IP addresses only trace as far as the traffic node that the IP address is connected to. The node is often several blocks to several miles away from the actual location of the user. Your exact location can never be determined with an IP address alone, but only within a ~5 mile radius. This isn't very useful information, as I'll bet there's plenty of people that also use your connection node, and you can't distinguish who is who beyond what node they're using.
    Anybody having the name of your ISP is extremely useless information.

    Your IP address, at most, is linked to the modem which holds the conversion from your ISP to your internet.

    The individual device that you are using now connects to your internet connection over a LAN (local area network) and holds its own local IP address separate from your main one, usually following the format of 192.168.x.x. Your LAN origin is usually a router, but sometimes can be an all-in-one unit built into the modem.

    A few things are wrong with your statement, given the above information.

    - You cannot simply "hack" somebody with their IP address. It can't happen. You need to 'plant a seed', persay, into the specific device first. This is usually presented as malware, be it a keylogger, trojan, or other form of malicious software. Nobody, not even Obama himself, can simply hack your device.

    - Your IP address is a general address used as a colloquial term for all of your devices on the same internet connection. You can't see what device somebody is using or have any sort of access to it with just an IP address. You need more.
    It isn't hard at all to track if you really want to. It only takes a bit of networking knowledge to trace traffic going in and out of your network.
    Can you please provide a source for this? This is probably the most made-up statement in your entire post.

    It doesn't break your internet access. It throttles the bandwidth by overloading it to the point where you can't access anything else. However, once it's over, it's over. You can access it normally. It doesn't break or ruin anything unless it's a world class attack on a large scale CDN.

    Getting DDoSed does not expose you to being controlled by a hacker. It simply congests your internet connection and that's it. No breaching of anything is involved.
  6. Most of your arguments are right except for two things...

    Partly wrong, but it heavily depends on modem brand and configuration.

    Thing is: most modems use a method known as NAT (Network Address Translation) to allow computers on the inside to connect to computers on the 'outside' (the Internet). In order to keep track of which computer requested what a modem will keep track of all those connections so that it knows that, say, returning data from the EMC server needs to go to your PC whereas the data from Google or an online newssite goes to another.

    Yet there also lies a weak spot. Depending on settings and setup it is possible to 'trick' the modem by sending in data and then making it look as if its returning data while in fact its bogus. Well, not really bogus because you're trying to target specific areas.

    Now: you're right about the fact that people can't simply gain access "just like that" when they know your IP address. But you definitely cannot rule the risk out completely either. You're making it sound as if its totally impossible; but trust me: it's not.

    [About DDoS]

    Wrong, but it does depends on the attack type and size of the botnet. It you're flooded by 5000 drones then your computer won't have the slightest chance to actually track every incoming package. It's called denial of service attack for a reason.
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  8. Adding to what Haro said, you already give your ip address to every website you visit. Empireminecraft knows the ip address of everyone. This is why Ip bans work. There are plenty of ways someone on EMC or anywhere else could find your Ip address without you telling it to them. Luckily, it isn't that big of a deal. Someone typing in your ip address will have an incredibly hard time trying to do anything with that knowledge since computers are made not to execute random code randomly send to your computer.

    Better advice would be to not visit sites that seem sketchy and to have some kind of antivirus installed. Also, don't use insecure wifi networks.
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  9. A lot of the people that have botnets are targeting higher class targets than a random user playing a video game. Botnets don't come easy, and their owners/creators have this in mind when taking on the endeavor.

    Most attacking on the general internet and video games is done through free or cheap 'booters', often just using a few shells (hah, get it, because your name is ShelLuser, ok nvm) or a VPS to throw their internet capacity at the target. The sophisticated threats out there that have a clue of what they're doing are using botnets, but you don't see them too often. The average 'hacker' (if you can really call them that, most are pushing buttons without a clue of what goes on behind them) is using a free or cheap booter that uses UDP (or similar) shells or one or multiple VPSs. These won't be that tough to track.

    Botnets are extremely tough to track, though. You're right on that front. However, most drones in a botnet are from countries like China and Indonesia. If you can tell which IPs hitting you are from which countries, you can sort them out and tell which ones are drones and which ones aren't. But even if you sort them all out, it's not like it's useful. You can't name 5000 people as the origin of an attack. Getting the single person or small group controlling the botnet is very difficult and is only worth trying to discover if the attack is serious.
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  11. I like that it says that I use Chrome, which I of course don't use on my phone...
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  12. It got my android phone pretty much right. Linux and chrome.
  13. You can use a IP to hack into someones computer, If it is the Router IP you can use it to hack into the router and find all the devices connected into the router..... If it is the Device IP you can Easily hack into the device and do what ever they are hack in to do.....

    But there are ways to help slow down/block someone such as a Good Firewall, or even a VPN....

    I know a bit, bit not going into much detail.... used to do this stuff all the time, but i am Retired now....
  14. How can you simulate being on their LAN to access the router without something like Hamachi which you would need the user of the device to intentionally install and host? Any reasonably secure router should block itself from sending access to it anywhere outside of the LAN with a very basic firewall. So to get into it, you'd need to somehow get into the victim's LAN.
  15. I can tell you got the picture from my sig by the bottom line :p

    I'm not really sure what you mean by this. The signature tells you your information. Any program can do this and you can't do anything about it. I'm not sure how this would give out your ip. It is not displaying my information but yours, only you can see it.
  16. It's quite easy to log someone's IP address without them even realising. This post contains one
    jks, it doesn't. But honestly, super easy.
  17. technically it does contain your IP... Deep within the server files.... any IP who visits and does anything on any site is logged....
  18. Hardly deep in the server files. Theres a variable that contains your IP.
  19. I meant I could log anyone's IP with ease and it's really easily hidden
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