Why you should never go mining with an efficiency v pickaxe

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by UltiPig, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. Ah, I see... And netherrack already gets mined really fast anyway, even when just using a stone pickaxe.
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  2. ok thanks for advice lemme go mine with an efficiency V pickaxe right now
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  3. Or...it's why you should go mining with some emergency splash potions of fire-resist.
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  4. lol when I bring those, I end up not using them
  5. Turn on F3 when you die, so you know the coordinates you died at. :)
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  6. Or just have the debug overlay always open ;)
    (it ruins a part of your screenshots though)
  7. I found the place I died at and lost nothing so it was ok. And this also happened like two weeks ago
  8. Heh, that dang lava. The pigmen are responsible.
    They act 'dumb' but behind the scenes you know they were waiting for you.
    As lava does not effect them, they hurry and watch where you mine and place strategic lava pockets ahead of you and lay in wait, watching.

    Then when you hop about on fire and die, they laugh behind your back.
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  9. Pssh. Prot IV armour is wayyyy cooler :p