Why? Just why?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Alicexoxo, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. Seriously smp9 wild?

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  2. Hey, free vines :D
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  3. Unfortunately, they are not free. (Or so I believe)
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  4. Any chance you get the torch to cover up more of the picture? :p

    Anyways, who would do this?
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  5. The path got widened and I guess the torch just said nope. :p
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  6. It causes so much fps lag. A spawn res on smp6 is covered in vines which makes the spawn so laggy. :/
  7. Well, it does look kinda cool :)
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  8. lol. Who would want to waste that much time putting all those vines on the block, then removing it... -_-
  9. If your complaining about lag you still have 94 fps and I'm lucky to get 40 ever.
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  10. Hehe, I believe Deathtomb did that so so long ago and they've been there ever since. They're about as memorable as the pyramids of SMP9. :p
  11. yeah that's been there for year(s)
  12. Lol, When I started I thought they were supposed to be there. Like a curtain or marker for the spawn zone vs the wild. I thought it would be at all of them until I explored more. Then I still always thought it was supposed to be at that one for some reason.
  13. anti-aliasing