Why I hate EMC

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  1. After reading:


    I decided to jump on the bandwagon and list the reasons why I hate EMC.

    1. It's forced me to work on my patience with tantalising glimpses of great new features that take a long time to mature. Instead of ranting, I've had to bide my time and look forward to a well developed new aspect.
    2. It's forced me to start using Skype to keep in touch with some great people I'm proud to call 'friends' that I've met through EMC and who are a joy to interact with.
    3. It's forced me to spend money on Supporter levels, having had them all on various Alt Accounts. It's well balanced and good value for money. It's an outrage, each month I lose a few more beer tokens to the EMC coffers.
    4. The Staff have given me no cause to get annoyed or upset, being in the whole, mature, fun and responsible people. 'Responsible' sometimes needs to be redefined when TNT is brought into play though. ;)
    5. It's forced me to fritter away countless hours on pretend blocks and mob smashing, both solo and with a great person I'm lucky to have met.
    Those five reasons give me cause to hate EMC, because really, I should probably be doing something better with my spare time than stacking pretend blocks one on top of the other, or watching Margaritte say: "It's east!" and then promptly head North West. :D

    I'm not a fanboi, I've had a few good digs at EMC over the 500+ days I've been a member, but as a step for a hint, I'm still here, so they must be doing something right and that's why I always laugh when I see people losing it with EMC. Digs and jabs are allowed, but sometimes you need to step outside the room to see what's actually going on within, and how great it really is.

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  2. Ayee... I too am forced to use Skype more than ever now but I do it from free will it seems, I used to use mumble but that is dying off for me.. I don't hate the fact I spend hours on Emc, I hate the fact that I just derp jump around instead of building something. A wild active outpost would be nice
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  3. lololol !! i am SO confused right now.
  4. I am too. I found this thread through this Skype thing that people seem to keep talking about...

    And this has a link to my thread at the top, so I'm confused over whether this is just trolling or what? :confused:
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  5. I wondered about many aspects of EMC, asked many times "how" and "why."
    As one member said long ago, it is about maturity - and EMC is still in kind-of puberty.

    Good bye threads are not allowed? :confused:
    How mature is that? Teen or pre-teen?

    Enjoy the development! ;) :)
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  6. I agree, good bye threads not being allowed is not really fair, in my opinion. Its just a thread about a persons opinion. If EMC doesn't let people say their opinions, then that's not really fair. This MAY be a video game, but freedom of speech still should be in this. In fact, freedom of speech needs to be on EVERYTHING. I love EMC, but there are factors about what I like and do not like. ;)
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  7. It's very adult. When most "goodbye threads" that we've seen are designed to bash EMC because they got in trouble with the rules and try and make the community look bad, it looks bad for NEW players coming to scout EMC out when the first thing they see is a thread by a misinforming player about what EMC is.

    You seem to be hung up on your argument that EMC is "teen" or "childish" or "immature"...I thought you learned and gave that up a long time ago, haha.

    If someone is really set on giving a personal goodbye to friends, I'd think that doing so personally via a message to those people would work better anyways, than an attention seeking public bashing.
  8. We are very much for freedom of speech and proudly display it here at EMC, it's why we allow those Religion and Political threads to exist. However, you must learn what "freedom of speech" truly represents. It's not being able to blindly say or yell anything you want without getting in trouble.

    What if someone joined EMC and started posting threads like:

    "wisepsn is a dumb idiot and i know him in real life and he kicks dogs."

    Should we allow it to stay because it's "free speech"? Of course not, because when free speech is slander, that draws the line.
  9. mature: bashing / slander is not allowed (should be common sense)
    immature: good bye threads are not allowed

    mature: explain, comment, answer, criticize
    immature: hide, delete, lock, censor, pretend
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  10. Well, you have a very different view of the term "immature" than most I think. That word doesn't really fit there. Haha.

    Edit: I saw you added your definition. There is definitely a language barrier here as that's not what "immature" means, haha.