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  1. Hey guys!

    I've been on EMC for over a year now. EMC was the first server I joined and it was awesome! So awesome I got addicted. And so when it came the end of the semester I got overly stressed and got really sick (Yeah, it sounds messed but is possible). So I scaled back my playing, but not that much. I got gold supporter in August and I've had it ever since, and it's been awesome! But, I've reached a point where I can't pay for it as I'm too addicted to the game to earn any money. So my life has basically backfired on me. So I'm probably going to cancel it in June when my next billing period comes.

    So we all know around August/September we were promised Dragon Tombs, but they still aren't here, over six months later. In my opinion that is a big let down from the staff. But it's not the only one for me. In February we all know nfell2009 was banned. So I went along and started a server with him, this server had nothing against EMC. But one of the EMC staff members, he couldn't handle the idea of having a server made by a banned member. So he got the website taken down, and too many EMC people knew about the server, they kept coming on and trolling. So the server shut down. But there has been one other major let down, recently SoulPunisher was banned in game, on the site and had his supporter removed, all accidentally. How does someone do that, go to possibly three different locations and do something, all accidentally.

    So, EMC just isn't as amazing as it was before. It still is really fun, with an awesome community. But there are some major flaws with it now. I'm not telling anyone to leave, as we all have differing opinions. But this is my opinion.

    So, I'm going to be going much more inactive now. To concentrate on schoolwork and to do something different in the game.
  2. Well sorry to see you go inactive, Hope you have fun doing other things whilst being inactive.
  3. If a staff member did have you're sever site taken down, whoever did that, that is possibly the most selfless and stupidest thing I have seen on EMC. As for the trolling members. Grow up. Sure, he got banned, but how would you like it if someone came on your server, and trolled you to the point of you shutting it down?

    And yeah, the Dragon Tombs seem to get pushed back almost monthly now, to the point where Valve time isn't working for it.

    I have started to get less attached to Minecraft, and even more onto TF2. If we can start making less side projects and put all effort into the Dragon Tombs, I would start getting back into it.

    And for MBA, there is always a spot for you at Wild Reach. :)
  4. Its a shame that things you have listed are what are driving you away. I personally originally joined EMC so long ago for its great community. The extras that are included are just what separated it. The new things that are coming (Dragon Tombs, ect) are not just simple things like Residences and separate worlds. They are ground up re works from the core of the game. Not really just simple add ons or plugins, better described as an expansion. Has EMC changed from the day you joined? I have no doubt that it has. However, I personally believe that these changes were for the better. Its sad to see a player go. Always.

    I can not speak on the off server issues. I have never heard anything about it. But I can say, any decisions that have been involved with our staff members was never malicious in intent. Nfell was not the first, nor the last, player to spin off their own thing from EMC. The fact that there have been other servers doing the same thing for years now would lead one to think that a staff member getting nfell to take a site down simply because they 'did not like it' is ... hard to believe at best. At any rate, I hope you have luck on your future projects. But this is in all technicality a 'Good Bye' thread, which are no longer allowed. So after this post it will be locked. But, you are leaving, so I guess it will hardly phase you.
  5. As stated above it's sad to see any player go but I'd like to address some of your "concerns" either way.

    We've stated time and time again that things we do will take time so we can make it perfect. If you prefer rushed things and plugins that I'm sure happens on your server with nfell, you're not wrong for liking that, but that's not the level of quality we want to degrade oursevles to here at EMC. We prefer things to be original and perfect and more important, unique.

    nfell has sent over handfuls of members to try and recruit players over under our noses via private messages and sneaky in game tactics which we've caught and banned. I only recently learned from players that not only did nfell basically copy our server down to website stuff and supporter ranks, but he was using an illegal stolen copy of Xenforo. Xenforo is an amazing piece of software that we feel deserves the proper funding towards so they can keep it amazing. The only thing I know regarding the "website being taken down" was it being reported to the server host and Xenforo as stolen software by I believe one staff member who is in the software industry and a bunch of other EMC members. If you see this as a "bad act" then well that's no different than you looking the other way if you saw someone stealing some videogames or CDs at Best Buy, and I'm sorry for you.

    I don't see SoulPunisher as having any of those happen here, so I don't know what you said that for. In regards to other players trolling a server...I, nor anyone at EMC staff condone that. However, guess what...welcome to owning a server. We get trolls daily. Heck, the people you're defending are over where they are with their troll server only because they were all major trolls here, so that's kind of ironic of a reason to want to talk against EMC.

    That is all. I wrote all this not really to your benefit, as this kind of reeks of being sent by nfell (again as he's done in the past), though I really hope I'm wrong. But, since a lot of the things you stated were slated in the incorrect direction, I wanted to leave this thread with some truth for others who might read yours and get the wrong idea about EMC.
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