Why have so many people been leaving?

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  1. I've recently been forum hopping and have noticed that alot of people have been leaving. I'm sure you've noticed this also, but I'm wondering why. This could become a real problem if more people are leaving than joining. Even some of the greatest EMCers have been leaving, including SecretAnzEks, Highbuddy, and Bobalek. You know it's becoming an issue when you see two leaving threads right next to each other.
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    Don't worry, I'm not leaving, but I'm just wondering why other people have been leaving so much. Anybody know?
  2. They will be back. They always come back.
  3. You can hate me for saying this, but I see it like the older people are leaving, and making room for the new. Sure, it seems a lot of newer people aren't doing stuff to the same level as the older members, but every once in awhile, one comes along, and does something greater then a older member who has left.
  4. I tend to think it's not so much that more people are leaving but that now it's fashionable to start a thread announcing to the world that you are leaving, so maybe we notice it more?
  5. Well, for starters school is starting up and if your like me I have tons of homework. Also some people have become too addicted to minecraft and are losing touch with the outside world. And some are just getting bored altogether. Most are just too backed up with work and/or school and cant be online all the time like in the summer, and I myself will probably be gone for a few weeks cause of school.
  6. What I mean, is that recently, many more people than normal have been leaving.
  7. Could be.
  8. I know, I'm just saying my thoughts. :)
  9. It's really what margaritte said. We technically "lose" probably in the teens number of people a day and always have (and always will). At the same time we gain NEW members in that number or higher. That's just how life works in anything.

    While a few people making "goodbye" threads makes it seem bigger than it is sometimes, it's really just a drop in the bucket in terms of "numbers".
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  10. I see them as attention seekers ;)

    And I do understand why people are leaving, EMC is kinda "dying" we aint that many active players as we where months ago, even tho we grew almost x2 since then :s
  11. Even though EMCs active players have dropped, I remember when even Utopia had high number, but were not really dying. Most big servers go though this. We hit a high, and then a low, and then a high. Just give it time, and we will pick back up.
  12. Im still an old member. I stayed. I stayed over 200 days long :)
  13. Not many people are leaving. I remember when FOUR threads were created about leaving. Within two months, the three respectable players were back, and the fourth player made a hissy-fit thread about how we are evil capitalists (he was really just mad because he couldnt get back onto the Empire after advertising his wimpy little server).
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  14. Sounds like He who shall not be named.
  15. All you have to worry about is me leaving, if that happens EMC will blow.
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  16. Because they are (somehow) getting bored. Or, they have jobs.
  17. Since we are playing minecraft, it is more like a drop in the bukkit!
  18. Being a newcomer to the server, I feel as if one of the reason that well known players leave is one rule not being enforced. That rule is begging. I have seen more players begging or asking for donations than anything else. It's outright ridiculous. I've been seeing tons of it on SMP1. Sure, donations are nice, but why ask for them? If you are nice to people and follow the rule of being respectful in chat, it will pay back. I can promise you that. When I first starting I had nothing, but was very nice to every person I met. What did it return? Friendship, rupees, jobs, and recommendations. I asked in chat the other day if someone could visit my res and give an opinion on its progress. One of them donated at his own will and told me to keep up the good work. It is things like this that make players stay. So, I end my post with a few quotes.

    Respect is earned, not given.
    Be respectful or be reported.
    Generousity can do many wonders.