Why don't we stop the discrimination?

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  1. And add MHF squid heads as I have done my research and I am positive they don't exist :)
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  2. i was scared for a second, dont do that again please
  3. Also, have them be non-italicized like normal mob heads.
  4. we need more appreciation for alts!!



    if only u ppl would treat ur alt as i do mine
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  5. Ah, but there are two squid heads, so which one to use?
  6. The better one
  7. Guardian heads.
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  8. MHF heads someone update me :p
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  9. The official decoration heads by Mojang.
  10. MHF stands for Mark's somethingy
  11. Mark's Head Format, I believe :)
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  12. A was a little worried for a second then lol
  13. Indeed, it should be added :)
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  14. Agreed, squid heads would he amazing! :)
  15. yep i agree :p
  16. This should go out with the next update. Not sure how we missed that
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  17. Along with guardian heads?
  18. I pounted it out to a dev before but apparently they were positive it existed :p