Why does EMC reset the wastelands so often?

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How long should wasteland resets be?

3 months (Like EMC does already) 31 vote(s) 88.6%
4 Months 1 vote(s) 2.9%
6 Months 3 vote(s) 8.6%
  1. Why does EMC resets the wastelands every 3 months, 4 times a year? There are so many resources still out there in the waste even after 3 months.

    I understand the grounds get a bit hard to walk around with all the mining happening so close to spawn. Yet if you venture out further, resources are abundant to say the least.

    I revisited a mine i haven't been to for a month. Just to see if i had any supplies worth bringing back before the reset.

    I thought well if i'm going out all that way i might as well bring some equipment to mine. The results were quite fruitful........... That's why i wonder wy EMC resets are so close together. Why not every 4 months or every 6 months.

    I also know of not 1 but 2 ocean monuments that have yet to be raided and yet EMC wastelands reset in 4 days................This to me is crazy when i can spend an equivalent time of 5-6 hours in two days time, mining with such success.... 4-5 days before the reset.

    And this doesn't even represent the 2 dc of stone and 1 dc of cobblestone, mined trying to find the goods......
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  2. Part of it is to discourage long term base building. The wastelands can be reset at any time with minimal notice based on staff decisions or unexpected minecraft updates. If we make it longer, more people will be upset when a reset happens. I agree that there are still lots of good stuff to loot and caves to explore, but that is the point to the wastelands anyway. Out with the old, in with the new.
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  3. What five said. Also, because before we updated more often, people complained that we didn't reset them enough. There's no problem with more resets as it always means more materials for others.
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  4. Dang, FNM is going to be out of my pocket when Wastelands reset xD
  5. I don't think it's reset enough =P
  6. Here is my grain of salt...

    Wastelands: the way I see it, it should have a harmonious radius reset.
    I will give an "Example"...

    I don't know the exact measurements so I will speculate to give an idea...
    (given by range like 0-10, 10-20, 20-60...)

    Spawn area: 0 to 100 blocks from spawn
    reset every: NEVER
    Wildly Abused Area: 100 to 1000 blocks away
    reset every: 1 month
    Wildly Traveled Area: 1000 to 3000 blocks away
    reset every: 3 months
    Rarely Traveled Area: 3000+ blocks away
    reset every: 6 months
    Barely Traveled Area: 10000+ blocks away
    reset every: Every new updates to include newly introduced items, blocks, features, etc...


    -This is NOT a decisive distance that I propose. This is only an Idea to make myself understood. As many distance breakdown required for balanced needed would be created as such.
    -All Areas should be synchronized to reset in Harmony.
    -What I mean by Harmony is that the base reset time will be the reference reset time of "1", being the closest zone to spawn.
    -All further zones would be perfect multiplier of that first zone reset so not a single zone would reset Offset of the 1st one...

    IF any of this doesn't make sense to ya or if you don't understand enough, please ask me what you don't get and I will gladly explain my point of view

  7. That's all pretty complicated. Is there any real benefit to doing all that compared to simply resetting the whole thing every three months or so?
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  8. Eh, I personally don't wanna have to walk
    Actually, the waste resets quite slow for my liking :p
  9. The more often it resets the easier it is to get rare and valuable resources quickly.
  10. Another important issue is that the wastelands need to appeal to all kinds of players, from Minecraft die hards right to the less experienced players.

    Having said that I fully agree with you; the wastelands could easily do with less frequent resets. But as always with these things: just because it might work for you or me doesn't mean it'll work for the others as well.
  11. Why the Wasteland resets often?

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  12. Sure there is still some rescorces out there but close to the outpost it is unwalkable, The mining to creeper explosions makes the land wasted. Now it is not bad that it is in this shape because it is the waste but it looks so much better after one. Also after a reset you won't have to travel very long to get to Friday Night Mining.

    If it is reset say every year they would have to go farther and farther out for unmined area. Also it is not just the overworld. The nether is by far the hardest world to travel in. With the overworld, traveling out for rescorces is not as dangerous as in the nether. After a few months the quartz deposits are a lot harder to find. Besides resetting the waste renews players interest in mining, or at least it does for me. More often the better.
  13. Yes, I especially like your points on renewing interest in mining
    It's also good because you get first picks on wood and stuff
    Also, I just went mining and to be honest, I don't wanna travel far from spawn just to find caves that weren't already explored or constantly tunneling into other tunnels, which can sometimes throw me off course on the way back.
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  14. I'm not really complaining about the frequent reset, honestly. It keeps people busy, and it's not like we're wasting actual food and money when the wastelands reset. People like to be the first in a place, so essentially the reset in the waste feels like a race
    (I did a thing :D)
  15. When its not reset people have to go farther and father to find decent things. And with all the FNM and BIG digs and all the other things that destroy large parts of the waste its better to just reset. Personally I wish it was monthly. But thats because I like to explore new unseen land.

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  16. I used to play on a private server me and my buddy made. We used a mod called Mystcraft that lets you open new "universes" brand new for the taking.

    What was nice about this mod was the fact that you could open up a world like the wastelands only for mining. Once you were fed up with it, you discarded the book that holded the world key.

    The mod is way more than just that but my point is a world you use, that nobody uninvited could exploit. Thats pretty darn cool if you ask me.

    I don't know how that kind of private worlds could be implemented but if a world would be made per use, deleted upon last active player leaves, that would maybe solve lots of issues.

    Another layer deeper than Wasteland: the Neverland
    Just my humble mind at work again.
  17. No. The entire point of playing an online server with hundreds of people is to play together. having solo areas where people go mine would defeat that. Also the resources needed to open new worlds for people all the time would be draining. Then on top of all that it would ruin the economy in ways we cant even think about.

    But it sounds awesome for solo or private player uses.
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  18. Of course I am only discussing. This doesn't apply to EMC in the grand picture of course...

    I do understand and I agree with your point. By private I mostly meant groups would gather and go together in a single use world. I wasn't clear on my meaning at all lol.

    For EMC use, maybe a Wasteland public of course, that deletes itself upon last player leaves. That would also ruin economy as we know it but it would create another kind of balance.

    Idk, I am a selfish player after all but I would... I shouldn't say that... I would LOVE to have my own EMC for my select friends lol. This Server keeps getting me back even after a year break I keep coming back and I drag my buddies into it again too!

    That is the beauty of customized servers, you just can't find that feel anywhere else and no, you can't make it yourself that easily either.. *sob*

    Again, my grain of salt hihihi
  19. Actually, I went on a few mining trips to the wastes and I gotta say I recovered a lot.
    There is still plenty to be had out there :
    7 Mining Trips (Coming back with full or almost full inventory)
    -Nearly a double chest of cobble stone, some andesite/diorite/granite, etc.
    -Over 2 stacks of diamond
    -Single chest of Lapis
    -Nearly a DC of redstone
    -14 stacks of iron ore
    -3 stacks of gold ore
    and more
    However, I appreciate resets simply for the trashed area just out of spawn.
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  20. I've only been on EMC for a couple of months, so this will be my first reset. Sure there's plenty still out there but I love exploring and so I'm looking forward to the Reset so I can explore some more and take out more Ocean Monuments.
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