Why do we even do that?!

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  1. Why do we ask for donations for our mall... I mean... Malls sell things, 99% of malls aim to make a profit. So why do we ask for donations to help make ourselves (not the donator) a profit?
  2. Because people are greedy?
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  3. I think sometimes it's because people don't understand whats involved in making a good shop. They think if they open up, they will all of a sudden get a lot of people selling to them and buying, and they will provide this great service for their server...

    Little do they know, that having a shop is a lot of work and if you can't get your own materials to build it, you'll probably have a really hard time stocking it and you'll be a lousy shop owner.
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  4. Yeah... not sure. It'd be kind of weird if Mojang started asking us to donate to them..
  5. When I owned a mall, a popular question I got was "Can you donate materials to my mall?"

    Okay, just so I understand, you want me to fund some competition?

    Never made sense to me.
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