Why are people so stupid?!

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This is to prove a point: Are UFOS proven to exist?

Yes. 9 vote(s) 34.6%
No. 17 vote(s) 65.4%
  1. I've never been so thoroughly pissed in all my life. Earlier today, I explained to people why the world won't end. They continuiy pushed BS theories about what would happen. Evantully, we moved to UFOs. I pushed how there is no good proof or evidence. They tried showing me sightings, and acted like that was all the proof needed. I tried showing them they're logic by claiming that the creeper on my short was proof that they existed. Now they say, "I just don't want to believe". Tell me, why are people so stupid?
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  2. Nope! Just people are said to have found them. Although its said they are hidden in AREA 51. Which is on Google Maps...
  3. People are stupid because of their parents and genetics.
  4. UFO's do exist and there is basis for them, here is a news artical of a UFO only a few days ago UFO! fortunately they don't stay Unidentified for long, as the country whos airspace the object has violated generally takes measures into identify what it is (or in many cases was (as it is now scrap metal)).
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  5. Not true. If they bother to learn then they can, some may learn better than others.

    Anyone who says about Public Education or Private Education, has nothing to do with it as they all teach the same just with different people.
  6. Well since UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, and i have seen things in the sky that i still cant say what they were (not aliens), i would have to say yes, they do exist:p
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  7. You sir, have won the game.

    Lol, but jkjkjk has a great point, UFOS 2012!
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  8. Im not saying at all they are real.. but if they were thats where they would be. they have like hanger things in one of the mountains.. so you would never know
  9. According to Wiki, Aliens are going to destroy the Earth on the 21st -.-
    Read More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_dates_predicted_for_apocalyptic_events
  10. this is 100% correct, this is the definition UFO - an (apparently) flying object whose nature is unknownThis is about aliens, a ufo is not necessarily an extraterrestrial object however most people generally use the term while referring to this
  11. He means what UFO stands for. Unidentified Flying Object. Doesn't have to be aliens could be a unmarked plane etc
  12. I will find a youtube version then....
  13. i know it is correct i said that
  14. The security at Area 51 is unbelievable... so there has to be something they dont want us too know.. right? i mean you have to swear to secrecy before you can even enter.. the president cant even go into most of the places on there
  15. Cant do that either... bahahaha i cant stream any kind of picture or video right now :p unless i get on my phone :D
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  16. The President can do what he wants in there. World Leaders so UK's PM or King/Queen can do the same because it was set up by the world leaders (Well the richer countries)
  17. Oh nonono! Only a few people actually know what the individual projects add up to. And hes right, i think, the president doesnt have high enough clearance for that area. Anyone with high enough clearance would have to keep that secret from the public, so that they cant be taken hostage.