Why are people always ruining waste spawn entrance.

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  1. A while ago i tried to keep it nice and accessible. but , people ruined it again.
    Later the start to dig deep holes and stairs down, just at the entrance.
    With the result that you need tgo ad blocks at the side or make it wider to travel good with horse or monkey. while ago the side where nice 2 blocks wide. today the removed 1 row. thats just not nice to ride a donkey on. SO you need to add dirt back and fix other parts tyo make it rideable again.\

    But im pretty sure in few days its gone again and you have again trouble with riding.
    Its already hell to ride away from spawn with all the creeper holes.

    MeH :eek:
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  2. yeah, some people just like to watch the world burn
  3. I agree!

    (and while I'm sure you meant donkey, wouldn't it be great if there really were monkeys in the game! :))
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  4. Detractor here. Yeah I'm having my morning coffee and was thrown off by "monkey" too. I was wondering just how big this custom mob was and where I could get one!
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  5. Yeah, another agree here too.

    I think most people simply don't plan ahead when they go mining and therefor try to stick as close to the outpost as best as they can. Which includes digging down almost 1 -5 blocks after they left it.

    Stuff like that makes me glad I got feather fall on my boots... :confused:

    But really; if you plan (for example; by realizing that the live maps also show the day/night cycle (check the top))...

    If you keep that into mind while finding yourself a nice spot to go mining in the waste, then you can easily put some distance between you and the outpost.

    PS: speaking of donkeys... Does adding a chest onto a donkey work for you guys? Just wondering, because it doesn't work for me. Though some threads I read on the forums seem to suggest that it should.
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  6. For the very reasons you mention, I never bring a horse into the wastes. I also don't have many troubles finding good ore near ( < 1k) spawn. So for me it's not as big of a deal. But I'm with ya. I think those who want to uses horses shouldn't have their travel impeded.

    One thing to try, perhaps, is to repair with a less common block type, say stone-brick slabs (creeper proof). See if the two-wide parts stay put. If not, technically you could report griefing and those responsible for removal reprimanded...
  7. Good to know! I usually bring a clock tho. And when I forget I just open up stuff from my underground habitat to see the TOD. If it's daylight I make a run for it. If not I go mine some more. Even cobble has value.

    I did it with Number Seven. But I forget how I did it. I do remember that it took a couple of tries. (Control-right click perhaps?)
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  8. In my signature, you can just about see a donkey wearing a chest behind the words "Brewery open soon!" Putting chests on donkeys works for me.
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  9. Thanks for the answers. Not sure what's going on then, but for some reason I can't manage to place a chest onto my mule. Well, something to figure out later I suppose :)


    And my chest problem is solved. Cause? Simple: I was being dumb ;) You apply the chest to the donkey or mule itself, not in their inventory screen :)
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  10. I have been considering making bridges of named cobblestone in commonly griefed areas. This would allow the staff to ban the players who destroy the bridges.
  11. That's a great idea! I'll help out. :)
  12. Don't use a ton of named blocks though, can congest the system. I was going to make the first 10 blocks named of a two wide bridge (so 20 total).
  13. Need to be named obsidian then.
    And yes, i'm a wasteland / wilderness lover. So i know how to survive the nights ;)
    I use donkey to have extra storage for mining in the waste, most i mine out a few 100 blocks,
    donkey faster then walking and saves energy.
  14. I have an idea to solve this. Most players who destroy waste spawn are newbies (Below 30 days or so). I think you should have to go 100 blocks out in any direction before you can modify it unless your older then 30 days. *Waits for hate to come*
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  15. It would be better if it blended in. I am not a fan of "setting someone up" for the crime, but those who destroy necessities such as pathways and bridges need to be dealt with quickly. I like to think that if they are temp banned for it, it could stop them from becoming a "career" griefer. Those who are already griefers will be found and banned before they can do considerable damage to an outpost.
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  16. Regular cobble isn't creeper proof is my only concern. As such, people can manipulate creepers to keep their names off the dirty work.

    Now, if you use a block type that requires direct player intervention, such as a slab, the staff will have definitive proof that the act was intentional. That's needed to get someone banned. Also if you use an uncommon block type, such as stone brick slabs, you don't even need to rename the blocks for the staff to be able to detect the offenders...

    Of course that might deter griefing... but I'm all for prevention instead of reaction...
  17. I think this thread could use a small bump but I don't like bumping (honest). So I'm going to do something else instead...

    Although I fully agree with all the comments above (just look at the spawn area of $regular_waste_outpost and you'll do too) I do want to share that not every player is like that. I discovered that scene at the bottom steps of an outpost so yah... Never forget (I know we don't) that there are also plenty of players who would even try to help out a passive mob :)

    Sorry but I just had to share, I really liked seeing that so much....
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  18. There will always be trouble makers, and people that just do not feel to obey the rules, but in reality there is no real way to stop them from doing so since it is their choice. The waste is a place for resources, so we can't really restrict the new(er) players from destroying it (although it's unnecessary for them to break the stairs... If we do solve the problem to stop them from doing so, they will more then likely find an alternative to do something else..
  19. Then again it is the wastelands. Thats the point of it, to be destroyed rather than the wild. But yes, going further out would be best.
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  20. so your problem is you want to mine right off the spawn, while other players cant mine right off the spawn? thats what im seeing from this. waste is meant to be torn up, thats why it has quarterly resets (one of which is next week) go to a different outpost or go mine in wild if you cant handle the WASTElands aspect of the wastelands