Whose Line is it Anyway?

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  1. Whose Line is it Anyway is a funny show that has quite a few seasons in it. Basically, a group of four people do various games where they do improv based on what they are given.

    Here is an example of what they do. It is called "Let's Make a Date." This may not be suitable for everybody, you have been warned.

    The show can found on http://cwseed.com/shows/whose-line-is-it-anyway/
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  2. Anyway* :p
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  3. I was never really good at things in general. :oops:
  4. My friend likes this show, I think it's pretty good :)
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  6. My bad, I accidentally used a noun as a verb. Silly me.

    Would you like me to critique your posts next? :p
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  7. Haha, I like it!
    But how are they so good at guessing? :eek: That second round seemed quite difficult.
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