who's good with computers?!

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  1. OMG!!!! I exploded!!! So so cute!!!
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  2. How to calm your cute sensation down.

    Step 1. Click link


    Step 2. Find cute images again. But not too many..
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  3. i just took this one now :p
  4. the one i took of him with my crystal ball next to him
    him stretching
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  5. Computer has been fixed and stuffs, though, i need a new disc drive, which isn't a problem. :D thanks to moose :)
  6. Aux power LED would be "Auxiliary power LED" Auxiliary is sort of like the "backup" of something or separate cord for your car radio.. LED is a type of light. So from what I know about computers your desktop is on auxiliary power. (And excuse me if I spelled "auxiliary" wrong. I'm not so good at spelling. :p)
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  8. I'm not sure what you did to your computer but I think either your optical drive had a problem and needed to be replaced, or its connection to the motherboard got messed up somehow. Dunno, I'm not amazing with computers.
  9. Btw Ignoramoose I only think her optical drive (Or it's connection to the motherboard) are messed up and maybe need replacement. I'm not sure she needs a total bios reboot. She doesn't seem to have a software problem.
  10. what is wrong with it has already been fixed .... like i said.
  11. Ik I was just saying that a bios reboot is a bit too much.
  12. TBH taking the battery out takes like 10 seconds. The first thing I try on a PC that will not boot up. And almost 100% of the time fixes it.

    And the person looks at me like I am magic. :D

    Luckily for them, I don't charge $200 like shops would.
  13. power surges, they explode computers, sorry to hear about that though...
  14. i know