who's good with computers?!

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  1. I logged on for you battmeghs, I can't stare at a friend and have her problem not solved.
    Here are my solutions listed from first try to last resort so go from top to bottom:
    • Unplug the computer, press the power button once to purge all surges in the computer (Unplug everything to be on the safe side) . Plug-in and try turning it on.
    • Remove and re-install hardware inside your computer. E.g.: Pull out the RAM and put it back in.
    • Clearing the CMOS, visit http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/tp/clearcmos.htm for more information.
    If all else fails contact support for the computer you have.
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  2. Alright, Well if you diagnose the drive as dead and you need the disk out, All drives that are made after 2001 have an emergency eject even there's no power. It's normally a pin hole next to the eject button

    As seen here. (Sort of, Bad iPhone camera. Sorry!)
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  3. Battmeghs don't worry, all your data is safe... unless you know the problem that your hard drive has failed. Hard Drive saves all the data in your computer.
  4. Computers working, CD drive isn't :)
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  5. what do you mean you logged on for me? lol. and moose is doing a good job with helping me, so i think we've passed this. but i don't know, be back in a few minutes.

    mine has that. and has been done a few times. lol

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  6. Derp...
    Try re-installing the drive. What operating system are you using?
  7. I've yet to use it, and I hope I don't have to.
  8. Well I googled this for you! :D You might be using Microsoft so yeah

    I just want to highlight this
    Notice how they say "OR Windows Vista", this is how much of a fail Windows Vista is. >.<
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  9. i'm using Windows 7. lol and yes, vista is

  10. Did Microsoft help fixed it?
  11. i haven't looked at it yet, i'm still working with moose on everything, so far we have found that NOTHING is wrong with the computer itself, it is the disc driver.
  12. If you cant figure it out, i would suggest getting an external dvd drive.
    I know this isnt any help for fixing it directly, its a good idea to have one in case you never get this fixed, or it happens again
    Edit: I dont have any personal experience with the two linked products, i just searched my favorite site. I suggest newegg for all computer product needs.
  13. My face when I read all this
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  14. That's what got it back online. The cd drive is bad. Switched sata ports, made sure the cables are all snug, drive doesn't eject. She has another drive we're walking through putting in.
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  16. There's no such thing as an old computer. If it can run, hell I'll use it.

    It doesn't even look old from the picture... Please don't comment stuff like "Damn that is an old computer" if you don't even know its old. Recently, some parts of the computer were upgraded.
  18. Come back... it's sweet and bitter :)