who's good with computers?!

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  1. I laughed so hard. Thank god someone else remembered that!
  2. :D joshposh and me liked it at the same time! I think were destined together! Cat powers unite!
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  3. NICE GOOGLED CAt amg!
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  4. I didn't google it. I found it on Minecraft forums :p
  5. i didn't google this, because he's mine :) :p so i win!

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  6. Off topic. Batt, Your my 500th like, 5k to you :D
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  7. So... fluffy... can't... stop the urge... to... AWW KITTY CAT!
  8. really!?!?! lol thank you! :)

    and yes, the kitty is awe-dorable. :)
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  9. MY GOD! they almost look alike!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY! lol no, actually, i think its the same! :)

    If you guys don't stop I'll explode cause I have no one and nothing to hug! :(

    I need a cat... or a dog... :(
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  11. get a fish
  12. fine no more cat pictures :( so here's one of my dogs
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  13. My turn!

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  14. Looks stoned to me..
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  15. she is indeed a sped cat. she likes to take showers, licks shopping bags and is my baby :) lol
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  16. Tried to bath my cat once, The surgeon said it was a shocking my arms weren't dead..
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