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  1. tragedy struck this morning.
    i woke up from a not so well night of sleeping to want to play a game on my computer. so i browsed facebook, empire, started minecraft and so on to sign in for the morning, logged off, and started the game i wanted to play... i knew the CD was in, but when i pushed play, it said no CD could be found.
    i went into my computer, and it didn't even show a disc drive was there... like it had stopped working/or was uninstalled.. the button wouldn't open the tray, and the green light that usually is on, was off.

    i shut my computer down to maybe thinking that restarting it would help. i was wrong. my computer wont even start now... i push the power button, the fan kicks on, the lights turn on, and it seems to be running, it may be a tiny bit loader than it usually is, but i can't tell honestly. the green light on the disc drive is now on though, a solid color green. but that is all that happens, the monitor will not display anything.. it shows when i unplug the cords from the computer, to the monitor, but it shows nothing when i plug them in.

    i've asked a few of my friend i thought would know how to help me, and i have failed. its been off most of the day as i had some errands to run, i am now home, and it still is doing the same thing. i know we have some pretty epic people in the community, and i would so freaking love it, if you can please, i beg you... lol help me. :(

    an award may be in order to whomever can help me fix this. please, and thank you.

    note: i am not completely computer smart, so if you tell me to look a number up/what kind of item is it/ something that you can't physically see... then please, bare with me haha, thank you so much.

    again and agian.
  2. Hey have u checked the fan if it had dust on it because i had the same prob
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  3. Maybe it is time for a new compter? :(
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  4. Well. Is it a desktop? It might just NOT HAVE POWER if it does have power tell me
  5. open it and see if sunthings not connected
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  6. Reset the bios.

    The easiest way to explain this is... Open the side of your case, inside you will see a battery on the big flat circuitboard on the back of the computer (motherboard). Next to that should be a jumper (basically 3 wires sticking up, with two covered by a little connector). Move the jumper from the two it is currently covering to the two that is not. Press the power button on your machine.

    It shouldn't power up. Move the jumpers back, and then try powering it on.

    That's the ideal method. You could also try removing the battery, unplugging the machine, and holding down the power for a few seconds. The machine obviously will not power up (since its unplugged), and since the battery is out it should reset.
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  7. i don't see anything wrong with the fan, or much dust on that either.

    it isn't an old computer :(
  8. Did you try turning it off and back on again?
  9. it is a desktop, and it seems to be running, though, i can't tell if it is just the fan that is on.. but my fiance's computer's power supply died last month, and his computer wouldn't even turn the fan on, so i don't think its the power

    lol, i may suck at computers, but i am smart enough to have already tried the easy fixes.. but thank you.

    would doing this make me lose everything i have on my computer? i have over 4 thousand photos from my photography business i cannot afford to lose...
  10. yes, i did this many many many many many many times.
  11. No, the bios is separate from your hard drive. It won't effect anything to do with what you've stored on the computer.
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  12. then let me try this, if i have any questions i will let you know.
  13. reboot in safe mode, if you can't then it sounds like you might need a new PSU - which runs for like $30 for a desktop

  14. but before i do that, i have noticed there is an orange light at the very bottom of the tower, in the corner, above the light is AUX POWER LED... i am not sure what that means, though?
  15. lol, the problem with that is i don't know how to make it do that, i can't pick anything, i push the button and nothing shows up on the monitor.. soooooo
  16. So it sounds like the computers running fine and the monitor just isn't connected properly. Check the monitor's connection,.
  17. Yeah, you're having issues way before choosing safe mode.

    First step would be a bios reset, then I'd pull out all but one stick of ram; which I'll explain after the bios reset if it doesn't work :)
  18. JUST to make sure i am getting the right things here, is that circular silver hearing aid battery like, the RIGHT thing? lol
  19. Was just referring to a moderator's signature. :p
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