Whoa, when did that happen!?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Crazy1080, May 22, 2013.

  1. ...As everyone would undoubtedly say.

    To avoid any useless speculation: Yes, I was demoted. I'll save you some time. Why was I demoted? Let me list the reason~

    I don't like Minecraft. At all. Haven't played the game without a sense of obligation for over a year. The mounting disdain for simply playing the game clearly became apparent in my in-game inactivity. Sure, I show up every now and then, and I would always keep Square open, but honestly, you—yes, you—deserve much better.

    Am I upset because I was demoted? Nope.
    Should you be upset because I was demoted? Nope.
    Will this affect anyone in any way on EMC? I'll probably be snarkier now.

    It's not like this is the first time I've been demoted, either, though that last time I was sincerely perturbed over my stark lack over moderatorliness. This time, I just got a pang of "meh" and perhaps a twinge of embarrassment.

    Right, that's about it. I openly concede that my demotion is probably the best decision that has been made by the EMC Staff in 2013. It's not that I am some kind of awfully terrible person, but I'm not a good moderator.

    Side note: I don't harbor any feelings of "Oh my gosh how could you" towards the staff. If anything, I respect them more now.
  2. Well. Okay then.
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  3. beat me too it!
    Smooch got demoted too but it was because of his job...
    Crazy... You cray cray
  4. Well.
    Many reasons this could have happened.
    Still, you have helped EMC, even if only a tiny bit.
  5. Crazy has done great service to EMC, he's helped it far more than a "tiny bit" :p

    Thanks for the time given :)
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  6. It will be weird to see your name blue. I hope you, Smooch, Dreacon and Edmund keep playing here, you are all a huge part of EMC's history.
    And let's hope the new recruits (if there will be any) do a job as good as yours.
  7. Let's hope not. We need more staff members like Chickeneer and Bigdavie.

    As far as I know, though, of the people demoted, I am the only one who was demoted for any amount of time other than "temporarily."
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  8. My heart just skipped a beat....
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  9. Just because you are no longer moderator, doesn't mean you are no longer amazing :]
  10. This.
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  11. It's all been said already. But welcome aboard the SS Snark.
  12. No longer shall I type out comments only to return to the homepage! The universe shall know the true power of snark!

    In all seriousness, though, I don't intent to vehemently attack everyone with the powers of snark. Under normal circumstances I'll behave more or less the same.
  13. Does this mean I can take you places :)
  14. No, only people who properly understand the plural usage of the word "place" can be moderators.

    I am sorry.
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  15. Can I take you to places never before seen by EMC?
  16. Crazy1080, as Cddm95ace stated, thank you for serving EMC as a Moderator. I truthfully thought you were a good one.

    I am sad you got demoted for many reason but there is one main reason. . . . . .

    I now won't be able to tell you and Crazy1800 apart. . . .
  17. I'm the one that isn't diamond.
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  18. Yea, realized that after I saw this thread. :confused:
  19. :( sorry to see you demoted good sir, you were truly a great mod in my eyes.
  20. O_O
    Thank you I guess... Lol

    But it is great to see you get Demoted over inactive, rather than other reasons. :p
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