Who will go mining with me!!

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  1. This thread is to help ppl find other ppl to go mining with.

    I am not asking ppl to go mining with me!!

    This is a guide to help you find find ppl to go mining with.

    I like to mine alone, but many like to work with other players, recently with the new 1.5 update Quartz is now on the menu :p so natually ppl want to go get some and that's great but things have changed.

    The nether where the quartz is has some new surprises, single lava blocks in the nether rack poor like water now and many ppl die easily.

    A good set of enchanted armor will cost you around 5k <- this is a good price and very well worth it!

    The Ghastly ghast's spawn 2 - 3 and more at a time, fire at you and move very fast.

    Apart from having good armor tools etc having a friend or friends with you can help.

    If you die they can if possible save you stuff and put it in a chest for you - provided you have taken a chest for this purpose!!

    You can work together and share the spoils, so one mines wile the other protects agains mobs etc.

    I see ppl at times looking in game for someone to go mining with and get no response on the server. Remember we have 10 servers to go ask ppl on, so use them!! you can also use /vault to move you stuff etc. See this -> [HERE] on how to use /vault

    Then there is the situation where you go out to mine and with in five minutes one person dies.

    Then the one person that's left is bored or can't find there way back etc.

    So my advice is this :-

    Post a thread on the forums and ask who would like to go mining with you, give your time zone when you want to go, so give some advanced notice don't do it 5 min before you want to go [If you want to do that then ask in game as stated above] do something Like this.

    Hi I am looking for some ppl to go mining for Quartz with, the more the merry-er. looking for maybe 5 or 6 ppl. If it goes well then we could make it a regular thing.

    I will be using the Quartz Express on smp7 [or other rail system still in construction at this time] to get there.
    it's a 1 off payment of 400r to use it goes to ...................! More info on this [HERE]

    My time zone is GMT London
    I will be going out at 4pm pls don't be late!
    I am looking to spend 2 hours mining.

    As you get to know ppl you may even decide to make a portal to the wild and make a wild base together.

    Tip... take an ender chest and a silk touch pickaxe with you so you can store extra ore and keep it safe in case you die!!

    Tip... only one person in your party needs an ender chest for you all to use.

    Tip... Make a temp base in the nether use cobble so ghasts can't destroy it. place temp storage chests here.
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  2. ill go mining with you if your scared silky
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  3. Tooo woooo scared :p
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  4. Good morning bump